What Is Primitive Home Decor?

Primitive country has been a fashion staple of Americana ever since the country was first founded. Today, primitive country is neither primitive or old, but it does recall a time when life was simpler, with these handcrafted items being carefully cherished and families would usually pass down their most prized pieces from one generation to another.

New Made To Look Old

With this in mind, modern primitive country remains very important in home decorating. Even though the pieces may be new, they have been created in the old style and when possible, given a weathered appearance in order to give them that generations-old look that many homeowners prize as a theme for their home, whether it’s one particular room or the entire home.

Easy To Recognize

Primitive country decorating is easy to spot, yet not all that easy to define. The simplicity is usually the first thing you’ll notice. The paint may look crackled, there may be wear marks and wrinkles or the hardware and the surface of the wood may be careworn and have a few imperfections.


The Old Look Is A Fashion Statement

These examples should not serve as a deterrent to buying, rather they should compel you to include such pieces in your home, as they obviously represent a time long gone. Underneath that weather-beaten finish lies an item of quality that takes advantage of the latest innovations in manufacturing techniques that make every item look older than it is. Primitive country items are all real treasures to behold. Most people love their unique and often-asymmetrical qualities that are all intentionally created that way to add depth, charm and a true feeling of history to each piece.


Types Of Accents

You can find items that are created in this manner for any room in your home, right down to candles for the bathroom that look as if they were around long before indoor plumbing was fashionable. All that’s missing is the kerosene lanterns and the water pump at the wash basin.

In the bedroom, you can purchase primitive country quilts, bedding and bundle sets. You can find primitive samplers, framed art and pillows that exude a cherished time and tradition. 

Every piece is created with that wonderful appearance of being an heirloom, with a gently used look that up until recently, only time could produce. Adding primitive accents around your home will reveal wonderful contrasts between the old and new, such as a primitive quilt carefully draped over a wing back chair in front of country style curtains that open up to display the modern world outdoors, in which we now live. Primitive is yesterday, today.