The beauty of flower gardening

We have several flower gardens around our house. Most of these I started by dumping several inches, you need at least 6, of sawdust right on the grass. The sawdust kills the grass and you can plant right in it. It acts like mulch and keeps the weeds down.

You want to look for older sawdust that is not too acidic. Lime can also be mixed in with the sawdust to balance out the acidity. This is very economical too.

We live near a sawmill. They have a huge mound of sawdust that available for the taking. The owners can even point you in the direction of the most mature pile.

Over the years, we have collected field stone from local farmers to add a border to the flower beds. This bed caught my eye when working outside this weekend. Right now it's full of pinks and purples with the promise of peonies in a week or two. In a month or so this garden will take on a new look with a lot of yellow blooms!

I love God's creation! It is so awesome that He made flowers bloom in so many different shades of color! This rose bush below gives off the best fragrance!!I am not a perfume girl, but I love the scent of my rosebushes!