4 Spectacular Summertime Quilts & Bedding to Spruce up Your Home


When you think of quilts, you may think of cozying up by the fireside and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Even though quilts are very effective on keeping us warm (and could possibly help us keep our energy bills low), that doesn’t mean that you have to toss your quilt by the wayside once the weather turns warm. 

You might be wondering how you can incorporate summertime quilts into your home. The truth is that lightweight quilts can help keep you cooler during warmer nights thanks to their cotton fabric. Cotton is both lightweight and breathable, ensuring that you’ll stay comfortable and sleep soundly through sticky summer nights. 

Summertime Quilts: The Battle of The Batting

We’ve discussed in previous blog posts that all quilts aren’t created equally, and the weight of the quilt certainly applies to this concept. A quilt’s weight is the biggest indicator in terms of if it’s suitable to sleep with during the summer, or if you’re better off storing it away until winter ultimately arrives.

Batting plays a big role in the weight of your quilt. Whether you’re buying a quilt or designing one from scratch, being informed about batting can help you make smart decisions when it comes to selecting summertime quilts.

When you’re thinking of buying summertime quilts, you’ll want to select quilts that have thin batting. Don’t mistake thin batting for low quality---it’s possible to find thin batting that won’t wear out or warp while in the wash. Heavy quilt batting will likely make you feel too warm during the night, but it really all depends on the material. Heavy quilt batting doesn’t always equal a warm quilt.

For example, polyester batting is extremely lightweight. However, keep in mind that polyester is a synthetic fabric and it’s not as breathable as other choices. This will result in a warmer quilt. 

Wool is by far the warmest batting that you can select, and you’ll want to steer clear of this selection for summertime quilts. Even though wool is heavy, it helps give quilts a nice shape and allows them to beautifully drape if you’re using them for decorative purposes.

Beyond wool, cotton is another popular batting choice for summertime quilts. This is an instance when heavy batting won’t necessarily make you feel too hot during the warmer months. Even though it’s heavy, cotton is a breathable fabric that will help keep you comfortable throughout the season.

One of the last popular batting options with summertime quilts is not using any batting at all. This removes an entire layer makes for the lightest quilt available. Some people prefer having at least one layer of batting to use year-round, but it all depends on personal preference.

Between the fabric and your batting, you certainly have some choices on your hands when it comes to selecting summertime quilts. But there’s certainly more to summertime quilts than its batting---and that comes down to color and design.

What Are The Best Colors For Summertime Quilts?

Are there specific colors that make you think of summer? According to HGTV, there are 10 popular colors to use for your home decor during the summertime, and you can find all of these colors and more incorporated within your favorite quilts.

These colors include:

  • Lime
  • Sky Blue
  • Coral
  • Nail Polish Red
  • Nautical Navy
  • Sunny Yellow
  • Crisp White
  • Water’s Edge Blue (Cool, soft blue shade)
  • Fresh-Squeezed Orange
  • Flirty Pink

Summertime Quilt Color Selection

As you’ve learned from our previous blogs, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to color selection for quilts. If you’re aiming for a specific decor theme such as country rustic, there will likely be a specific color theme that you’ll adhere to. But otherwise, it’s always a safe bet to stick to your favorites in terms of personal taste and concentrate on the weight of your quilt.

Primitive Star Quilt Shop has a great selection of not only summertime quilts, but general bedding as well.

There are a variety of fun fabrics, colors, and prints to complement your bedroom, and these are a few of our top picks for summertime quilts and bedding for the upcoming season.

  Addison quilt

1. Addison Bedding

If you’re looking for a chic and modern twist for your summertime quilts, look no further than our Addison Bedding. This option is full of fun and funky colors including chartreuse and various shades of blue. You’ll hit a couple notes in terms of the best color options from HGTV with this pick. This set runs $119.00 for the twin quilt bundle and $159.95 for the king.

Adria Bright Rose

2. Adria Bright Rose 

What better way to incorporate a flirty pink color into your summer decor than with our Adria Bright Rose Bedding? This fun quilt features a pink vintage charm print with a solid pink back. This bedding is perfect to add a bit of fun to your bedroom decor this summer. The Adria Bright Rose Bedding twin bundle is $89.95 and the king is $149.95.

 Adria Spectra Green Bedding

3. Adria Spectra Green Bedding

If you’re looking to incorporate turquoise this summer, the Adria Spectra Green bedding will perfectly fit the bill. This pattern is identical to the Adria Spectra Bright rose bedding, but features turquoise instead of pink. The Adria Spectra Green twin bundle is $89.95 and the king is $149.95.

 Adria Porcelain Rose Bedding

4. Adria Porcelain Rose Bedding 

Give your bedroom a pop of color straight from a flower garden with the Adria Porcelain Rose Bedding. This color bedding is as soft as a pink rose and gives your room a beautiful glow. The Adria Porcelain Rose twin bundle is $89.95 and the king is $149.95.

Get More Out of Your Summer With Summertime Quilts From Primitive Star Quilt Shop

When you’re looking for new summertime quilts and bedding, you won’t be disappointed with the selection at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. Get in touch with us today for comments, questions or feedback through our website, or order your new bed set today. 

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