Clean Country Decorating Tips

Country décor is often considered a rough and cluttered look. Clean country decorating, though takes the same country elements and frames them against a crisp, clean backdrop that rotates throughout the seasons.

Previously, country decorating elements have included collections, handmade items and rustic charm. Country style really does epitomize warmth and homey-ness but you can still bring the style into the
modern era in the form of “clean country.” Here’s how.

Time to Clean Up

Clean country decorating is far from cluttered so it’s time to pack away all those little bits that aren’t going to contribute to your overall design. There’s no need to go overboard; country is all about home and family so you’re going to want to keep a few country quilts and primitive country home décor pieces around. You could even create a box of decorative items and rotate different accents with the seasons.

“Clean” Color Scheme

It’s easy to create a country look with a modern color scheme. Pick a single color and then combine it with neutrals or whites for a stylish look that doesn’t cause confusion on the eyes. You can add textures like balloon valances and quilted throws to create a tasteful contrast.

Choosing Inspiration

Choosing inspiration is like choosing a theme, but rather than olden days’ country themes, you’ll want to choose a theme that creates a feeling. You’ll want to picture how the room will feel and that is the guidance that will keep you on track.

Developing Key Elements

When creating focal points in a room, keep your inspiration top-of-mind. You want to tell a story about that inspiration, so keep with the main idea while adding a few interesting characters.

This is also a good way for choosing your fabrics and furniture. Keep in mind that simple and to the point works best.

Don’t Antagonize, Accessorize

It’s no longer a case of “more is more” for a clean country look. That’s all in the past. Instead, choose a couple of great pieces to display at a time. Try mixing and matching with other styles, offering contrast and interest, and you’ll bring just the right amount of attention to your carefully selected possessions.

If you want to showcase Grandma’s warm country quilt or you have a collection of country curtains or country bedding, show it off—just do so in gallery style, giving each piece an element of importance in the room.

Avoid using something for the sake of wanting to fill up a space. Rather, treat the things you love like precious pieces of art.

You could also seek a few inexpensive antiques and use those to create a wall collection focal point. Also, try adding a few pieces from nature, but do be selective. You want to leave a few spaces around the pieces for the eyes to rest.


Most importantly, relax and immerse yourself in the creative process. There really aren’t any rules in decorating that aren’t made to be broken. Clean country decorating is a great way to take a decorating style from the past and add a modern twist.

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