Big Ideas For Small Spaces

There is always going to be small spaces in a home. Even if your house tends to have a big floor area, there are going to be random spaces in the house that are fairly small, and all too often those little spaces are neglected and their potential left unexplored.

But today we’re going to share with you big ideas for those small spaces. We hope you will get inspiration for making the most out of the small spaces in your home.

The Small Bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, the main thing is to find a way to make room for storage, particularly for all those bathroom essentials. You can make your bathroom feel a lot more spacious by choosing lighter paint colors. Transparent or glass dividers also help to make the room feel as though it has been opened up. Include decent wall mounted storage for all your personal hygiene products, and make sure there is enough space to hang a towel or store rolled up towels.

The Small Shower

Small showers only really need the essentials. Take away all the other clutter that is unnecessary. Try decorating the shower with tile stickers. Hang an interesting looking shower rod and adorn it with one of our primitive shower curtains to create the idea of more space. Remember to include ambient lighting.

The Small Kitchen

The best thing for storage in a small kitchen is vertical space. Add plenty of hooks to the walls and even magnetic knife strips for all those knives and utensils you need to keep within reach. Also try to make use of smaller cookware, proportionate to your small kitchen space. If you have a little wall space left over, decorate with some gorgeous primitive country plates from our collection.

The Small Bedroom

Just because your bedroom is tiny doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can make use of clever storage spaces, lively colors and even feature a few items, such as books or floating shelves to add your personality to the room. Country quilts will help to add warmth and character.

The Small Space Under the Stairs

Turn that little nook under the starts into an office or study space, a piece of organized storage or even the children’s play area. Perhaps you’d prefer to turn it into a cozy reading nook, complete with a comforting quilted throw for those colder days. There are a multitude of ways you can use the small space under the stairs, don’t just leave it there with no use or purpose whatsoever.

The Small Living Area

If you have a fairly small living area, avoid using large pieces of furniture. Instead, choose slender chairs and sofas and either forego a coffee table or make sure it doesn’t take up all the space. You can make the room feel warm and welcoming by using quilted throws and a set of panel curtains.

The Small Balcony

Cover your railings with attractive plants. Their green hues will make for a refreshing look and feel that will draw the eye and help you forget how small the balcony is. Consider placing a small bird house on a wall or decorate with a wood sconce.

You really don’t need to worry about smaller spaces. There’s big potential behind them, you only need a little creativity to maximize the space.

Take a look at our range of home décor to help you design your small space.