Can Our Custom Cheston Collection Get Any Better? - Glad You Asked!

The beautiful Cheston collection has a special place in our hearts.

And after hearing from all of you, we know it has a special place in yours. Since it's launch in 2015, it has grown to be our number one bedding line.

Cheston was our first exclusive custom line of products that Primitive Star Quilt Shop created. I have so many memories of the anticipation we all had waiting for the delivery truck to bring our huge shipment!

What a delivery!

Since the business was in our home at the time, all of these beautiful products had to have a home within our home. And I always aim to create enjoyable spaces to host our products. 

My husband and I had created some awesome storage using repurposed wood and doors and we were extremely excited to fill those shelves and bins with the gorgeous Cheston products.

Very First Cheston Delivery Back in 2015

Cheston Delivery

Cheston delivery in front of our home.

The Primitive Star Quilt Shop team was so ready for this shipment.

And so were you!

We had such an incredible response when we offered pre-sale opportunities for all of you to be "first in line" when our shipment came. We knew from the start this would be something special.

This is why we couldn't stop with just a quilt and bedding. We are so thrilled to be able share how we've added even more quality Cheston items to our collection. 

This video showcases some of the products that we’ve recently created. You can tell how excited I am to bring you some new options to elevate or expand what you currently have.

Cheston Burgundy Plaid Curtains

As you may know, the original Cheston curtain line is made from burgundy ticking stripe and is available in six curtain styles.

Now we have an even larger selection of styles made from the burgundy plaid found in the quilt.

We know many of you like to change out your bedding or curtains with the seasons. With these plaid curtains, now you can give your Cheston quilt a whole new look by switching out your window treatments.

Of course, these new burgundy plaid curtains are not just for the bedroom.  With 11 different styles, you can find a place for them in any space that you want to debut this cheery charming Cheston style.

  • In the living room windows as you sit with friends
  • In the dining room while your family passes their plates 
  • Out on the sun porch, as you watch the sun set
  • Brightening the bathroom with a prairie swag
  • Keeping you company in the kitchen while you wash dishes

Where do you love your Cheston curtains? We can't wait to hear your story!

 Cheston Plaid Panel Curtains

These are the Cheston plaid panel curtains.

Cheston Burgundy Plaid Prairie Curtains 

Here is a picture of our 63" Cheston prairie curtains.

Cheston Burgundy Plaid Bed Skirts

You might be ready for a complete overhaul in your bedroom. If that's the case, then you should read How to Create a Primitive Country Bedroom Makeover Plan in 6 Easy Steps. 

Perhaps you want to give your bedroom a fresh new look, but you don't want to change everything. 

Where do you start?

Our new Cheston bed skirts are a great option for subtle yet impactful change.

In the same way that you can swap out the window curtains to change the look in your bedroom, you can also change the bed skirt for a simple yet less dramatic refresh.

Are you wondering if this burgundy plaid bed skirt is the right fit for a room in your home?

Consider the colors of your room, including flooring and wall colors.

Do you like how the burgundy plaid contrasts with lighter flooring? Or do you like how the stripe is complimentary?

When you find the stripe and plaid work equally well, you might choose to keep both bed skirts on hand and change it up for different seasons. 

 Cheston Burgundy Plaid Bed Skirt

Cheston plaid bed skirt.

Cheston Plaid Bed Skirt Bedroom

Cheston plaid quilt bundle shown on the bed.

Pip and Star Embellishments

Stars and pip berries are primitive country trademarks.

Our customers love to use them to decorate all areas of their homes! On shelves, mantles, tables, candles, nightstands, and more.

I recall an inspiring brainstorming session during a team meeting that year. We were trying to decide what to include in our Cheston product expansion.

A brilliant idea came up.

Why not add pip and star embellishments?

We knew right away that was the direction we wanted to go. We quickly worked with product development at Victorian Heart Collection(VHC) Brands to create the perfect combination of home decor items to add to our Cheston line.

Pip berry vines and primitive stars were added to valances, swags, a quilted throw, a throw pillow and shower curtains. We even designed a third bed skirt option with a beautiful star and pip border. 

Needless to say, we were thrilled with these embellishments!

We wanted to give you a variety of ways to incorporate this country charm into your home decor. And we wanted to bring you something that elevated your primitive decor in a special way. These additions did just that.

Cheston Pip and Star Valance

Cheston star and pip valance.

Cheston Star and Pip Shower Curtain

Cheston star and pip shower curtain shown with matching swag.

Cheston Star and Pip Quilted Throw

Cheston star and pip throw shown with primitive blessings pillow.

Cheston Star and Pip Bed Skirt

Cheston star and pip quilt bundle with ticking stripe euro shams.

Throw Pillows

I don't know about you, but I love using throw pillows in my home.

They are great because you can add them to your decorating in so many ways.

Of course, they are perfect for the bed, but I also like to put some on my rocking chairs, couches and even on my porch swing.

Depending on the size of the pillow, I include small ones on shelves or in my hutch. We like to keep several larger Euro pillows on the floor of the "reading nook" we created for when our grandchildren visit. This is huge favorite for the kids as they are a soft place to cuddle with a book, or a great prop to their fort.

Pillows can add a warm, comfy softness to any space. And it seems like there is always room for just one more.

With that in mind, it was an obvious decision to add more pillows to our current Cheston pillow collection.

We chose three new ones that we think you'll love:

  • A scripted "family" pillow in burgundy felt applique
  • A pillow with a border of star and pip berries surrounding the words "Primitive Blessings"
  • An adorable snowman pillow that adds instant charm

Cheston Family Pillow

Appliqued "family" pillow with star and pip throw

Cheston Primitive Blessings Pillow

Primitive Blessings pillow with our original Cheston quilted throw.

Cheston Snowman Pillow

Cheston snowman pillow.

We truly had so much fun creating these new designs and offering these additions. 

Maybe you have fallen in love with the new burgundy plaid curtains and bed skirt. Or perhaps the stars and pip berries have caught your eye. We hope you find something that you love with these new additions. And grab a few new throw pillows to go along.

We are looking forward to seeing how each of you choose to enjoy even more great Cheston items in your home.

As always, we love it when you send us pictures of how you style our products in your home!

If you share your pictures on Facebook or Instagram be sure to tag us @primitivestarquiltshop.