Creative Ways to Decorate with Wreaths Indoors

Ever look around your home and feel like something's missing? You've got the furniture, the curtains, and wall art; but there's still a void. Perhaps a lack of warmth? Have you considered ways to decorate with wreaths?

It's amazing how much wreaths can change the character of a room.

Through the changing seasons, there are so many ways to decorate with wreaths that are simple and easy, yet offer a high return.

Imagine this: It's cold outside but warm within your cozy living room. There’s soft music playing and hot cocoa on hand while snowflakes gently fall against the windowpane. Now imagine adding a touch more magic with wreaths—beautiful circles of greenery bringing life to every corner they grace.

And when spring finally comes and beautiful daffodils are blooming and green iris leaves are finding their way through the soil, changing your wreaths with fresh color helps you welcome the warm weather that you are so eager for.

foggy morn red berry wreathShown here is our foggy morn red berry wreath.

The ways to decorate with wreaths are countless and versatile; they're not just for doors anymore!

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Ways to Decorate with Wreaths in Your Living Spaces

If you thought wreaths were just for your front door, think again. From hanging on vintage window frames to incorporating into shelf decor, here are some creative and easy ways to incorporate wreaths indoors.

Hang Wreaths on Vintage Window Frames

One of our favorite ways to decorate with wreaths is using an old window frame as a backdrop for your beloved wreath. It adds that extra primitive country charm while showcasing the beauty of the wreath itself.

Don't have any vintage windows lying around? No problem. Looking at flea markets and online stores like Etsy are great places to find windows.

Hanging a wreath on a window gives off such a rustic touch that it's sure to catch everyone's eye - it truly transforms the look and feel of your room.

This penny leaf rust wreath would be a gorgeous option for fall and through Thanksgiving. Just look at that bright, rustic color!

Penny leaf rust wreathHung here is the 26-inch penny leaf rust wreath.

As the seasons change, you can simply switch out your wreath for a different one to suit your decor.

Incorporate Wreaths into Shelf Decor

The shelves in our homes often serve as mini gallery walls where we display our cherished items – photos, art pieces, memorabilia – why not add a small or medium-sized wreath?

You can hang one directly onto the wall behind the shelf or even place one standing freely among other decorations. Either way creates depth and dimension.

This Weatherly buds wreath is a cozy addition to this shelf with other country decor.

Shown here is the 13-inch Weatherly Buds wreath.

Add a complimentary small wreath and--voila! Your everyday shelf has now turned into an artistic statement piece.

I've found this decorating idea works best when you choose simpler designs so they don't overwhelm but complement what's already there. You can even select a neutral wreath to stay put as your seasonal shelf decor alters.

Add Seasonal Touches To The Mix

As you look at various ways to decorate with wreaths, you can mix it up with the changing of the seasons. 

During fall and Thanksgiving, you can look display a wreath with beautiful, rich, fall colors. When winter rolls around, consider switching out your regular wreath for an evergreen or a pine one adorned with red berries and twinkle lights. 

Do you have an old ladder that you use in your decor? This Revel berry pine wreath looks so cute next to a Christmas stocking and snowman ornament, all decorated on an antique ladder.Revel berry pine wreathPictured here is the Revel berry pine wreath, red and black buffalo check woven stocking, and buffalo check snowman ornament.

You can also brighten the space with fresh spring and summer designs to freshen it up.

Changing decor is a fun way to keep it interesting, and adding a festive wreath around Christmas is fun and easy to get into the holiday spirit. And who doesn't love that?

Bring your Home Office to Life with Wreath Decor

If you work remotely, then you likely spend a lot of time at your time at your home office. So why not make your space cozy and inviting?

I have worked from home for many years in various ways, and it was important to me that my office space still felt like home. After all, Primitive Star Quilt Shop was born in my home. And for many years, our operations occupied three very large living spaces in our home. 

There are so many ways to decorate with wreaths that can add that perfect touch. Whether it is year-round decor, or festive decor to switch out around the holidays.

Create a Gallery Wall with Wreaths

A gallery wall is more than just wall decor pictures and paintings; it’s an expression of who you are. Adding a variety of wreaths into the mix will not only give your display depth but also bring that homey feel to your working hours.

This fall garden wreath combined with a wooden sconce, sampler, and frames is a perfect little office gallery wall that brings your decor theme to life.

fall garden wreathPictured here is the fall garden wreath and wooden oval pillar sconce.

An easy wreath idea is using different sized evergreen or twig wreaths creating visual interest on your wall. They'll stand out against traditional frames and prints, adding another layer to your personal narrative while brightening up those late-night projects.

You don't need an extensive collection either; even one well-placed piece can make all the difference. It's about quality over quantity when curating this creative workspace feature.

During winter months, the days are darker, but your home office can still be a bright spot.

Looking to infuse some holiday spirit into your home office? You're in luck. 

The right evergreen or faux wreaths can turn any workspace into a festive wonderland.

Why not add twinkle lights around each wreath? Not only does this add warmth and sparkle but it brings nature indoors during these colder months – something we could all use more of.

Add Desk Accents

The joy shouldn’t stop at walls. There are other ways to incorporate Christmas cheer into every corner of your home office - starting with where you spend the most time: Your desk. How about placing small artificial greenery beside your laptop as a daily reminder of the holidays?

During warmer months, a beautiful, bright spring mini-wreath could be hung from the corner of your monitor or even around a desk lamp. These smaller touches might seem minor, but they contribute significantly to creating that cheery atmosphere in your workspace.

The bog pimpernel wreath is a bright spot at the base of the lamp on my desk at home.

bog pimpernel wreathPictured here is the 15-inch bog pimpernel wreath.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere is key to inspiring creativity. And we all need a little extra inspiration for our spaces where creativity happens.

Choose the Finishing Touch: Your Office Door

Keep that theme going throughout your office. When you leave and enter your space, a beautiful wreath on the door to greet you is a great way to transition from your work hat to your home hat. 

This is also an easy way to wrap your decor around your room. With wall decor, desk accents, and door greetings, you'll have everything you need for your cozy work retreat. 

This garden bliss creme wreath is a simple yet charming wreath to brighten your doorway. The variety of greens and creme comes together with allium spheres and little berry clusters for a heavenly wreath hanging!
Shown here is the 22-inch garden bliss creme wreath.

And during the holiday season, you'll never be short of Christmas cheer. Add a beautiful Christmas wreath on the door to enhance the magic. 

When Christmas is over and you put that wreath away, I bet you'll be missing a charming wreath on the door. You'll want to replace it with a bright spring wreath instead of leaving the door bare.

Inspire Wreath Ideas for the Dining Room

The dining room is often overlooked when it comes to decoration, but with a little creativity, you can transform it into an inviting space. There are so many fun ways to decorate with wreaths in your dining room.

During warmer months, you may be inspired by our favorite wreaths of bright greens and pops of color

Evergreen wreaths are a popular choice for door decorations during winter months. Their vibrant green color provides a natural look while bringing some outdoor freshness indoors. 

Do you have a corner of your dining room or a wall that could use an accent? Grab an old ladder and some Christmas decor. This evergreen pine wreath with pips is a great green addition. It looks great with burlap stockings and lighted pip berry garland.

Shown here is the evergreen pine with red pips wreath, festive burlap natural stocking, and lighted burgundy pip berry garland

The enchantment of the festive season is undeniable. A large part of that magic comes from decorating your home to reflect the festive spirit, and one item stands out in this endeavor - wreaths. Specifically, evergreen or faux holiday wreaths.

Enhance Your Chandelier with Wreaths

A unique way to incorporate these beautiful wreaths into your dining room decor is by using them on your chandelier. 

Yes, you read that right – let’s give our chandeliers an eye-catching makeover.

Start by selecting an appropriately sized wreath based on your chandelier's size; remember balance and proportionality are key here.

Also, ensure not just front views but side views to get equal attention so all guests can enjoy its beauty equally.

Durable faux wreaths work great for this purpose as they come in various designs that add more diversity without compromising longevity – meaning multiple seasons of usage are guaranteed. 

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect holiday chandelier wreath:

  • Selecting matching ornaments like ribbons or pinecones will make sure everything ties together beautifully.
  • Add twinkle lights around both the chandelier and the wreath if you want that extra festive touch.
  • You can also consider spray painting the wreaths in metallic colors or shades matching your dining room’s color scheme.

The result? A glorious chandelier decked up with holiday spirit, making a striking display as you dine under its soft glow.

Create Your Own Wreath Centerpiece

Think outside the box. And onto your table.

Pair your wreath with a few other items, and you can make a fabulous unique centerpiece for your dining room table that fits your decor theme perfectly.

Grab this black round metal tray, a moving flame candle that looks real, and a small wreath, and you are done with the masterpiece.

This buffalo gingham country holiday wreath paired with our new flicker flame battery timer pillar candle in cinnamon stick, creates a holiday centerpiece to die for! It makes me want to host my family for our Christmas festivities right now.

buffalo gingham country holiday wreathDisplayed here are the buffalo gingham country holiday wreath and the cinnamon stick flicker flame battery timer pillar candle. 

This twig wreath with burgundy pip berries is another great centerpiece option. Add one of our new moving flame battery timer pillar candles, and you have a beautiful centerpiece that fits almost any season.

twig wreath with burgundy pip berriesShown here is the twig wreath with burgundy pip berries and a moving flame battery timer pillar candle in red.

When springtime rolls around, switch out the winter wreath for this Greenbriar eucalyptus wreath, and you suddenly have the exact warm weather vibes you need for your Easter dinner.

Other Wreath Decorating Ideas

Maybe you're not ready for a total chandelier transformation just yet. No worries. 

There are easier ways to bring wreaths into your home's style, making it feel cozy and festive. 

If you have a buffet for serving, placing a wreath above it adds depth and decor to the space. It will provide a welcome as your guests pass by to grab treats or snacks. 

Do you want to take your dining table to the next level around the holidays? Turn your head dining chair into a Christmas decoration. 

Grab a few yards of wired burlap ribbon and an evergreen wreath. This buffalo gingham country holiday wreath is decked out and ready to cheer.

Wrap the back of the chair with a burlap ribbon and use it to tie the wreath to the back of the chair. Be sure to add a pretty burlap bow to compliment. And done! The final wrapping for your dining room experience. 

Decorate Doors with Wreaths

For an extra dose of charm during each holiday season, why not decorate your doors with a festive wreath? From traditional evergreens to DIY creations, there's a plethora of ways to add sparkle and cheer to this classic decoration.

A front door adorned with a beautiful wreath is not just welcoming but also sets the mood right from the doorstep.

This bright baby's grass wreath is perfect from April to September as the warmer months spur us on to vibrant hues.

babys grass wreathHung here is the 20-inch baby's grass wreath.

During winter months, Evergreen or faux Christmas wreaths are popular choices due to their timeless appeal and durability.

You can take it up a notch by adding an oversized bow for that extra dash of charm. Alternatively, battery-operated lights woven through the branches can turn your ordinary pine or boxwood wreath into a twinkling wonderment once the night falls.

Besides adorning exterior doors, don't forget about interior ones too. A simple greenery wreath on bedroom or bathroom doors injects some unexpected yuletide spirit within living spaces without overwhelming them.

This antique eucalyptus wreath is a great size for a door and is versatile enough to last through any season.

antique eucalyptus wreathShown here is the 20-inch antique eucalyptus wreath.

Make Your Own Unique Christmas Wreaths

If store-bought options aren’t quite hitting the mark, why not try making your own? The world of DIY offers endless possibilities when it comes to customizing these circular beauties according to personal taste and existing decor style.

DIY Christmas wreath ideas, ranging from rustic farmhouse to chic minimalistic, can help guide you in creating a one-of-a-kind piece. All it requires is some craft supplies and a little creativity.

For instance, for fans of farmhouse-style decor, incorporating elements like buffalo check ribbons or distressed window shutters as backdrops adds an interesting twist to the traditional Christmas wreath design. Alternatively, faux greenery coupled with spray paint can result in vibrant creations that defy the typical red-green color scheme.

FAQs in Relation to Ways to Decorate With Wreaths

What can I do with a wreath?

A wreath isn't just for the front door. You can hang it on vintage window frames, an antique ladder, incorporate it into shelf decor, or use it to enhance your chandelier.

How to decorate wreath ideas?

You can adorn a basic wreath with various elements like ornaments, ribbon bows, dried flowers, or battery-operated lights for added charm and personality.

Where can you put a wreath besides a front door?

Besides doors, place them in living rooms on vintage window frames, on shelves as part of your home office's gallery wall, on the back of a dining chair, or even around chandeliers in dining areas.

How do I attach decorations to a wreath?

To fix decorations onto your wreaths securely, use floral wire or hot glue. But make sure not to damage the original form of the decoration item while attaching.


You've explored various ways to decorate with wreaths indoors. From vintage window frames in the living room to a festive gallery wall in your home office, these ideas have opened up new possibilities.

You've discovered how adding a wreath can bring life and warmth into any space. Be it enhancing your dining room chandelier or giving your front door that Christmas cheer - there's no limit!

Remember: Wreaths are versatile. Whether evergreen or faux holiday-themed ones, they add charm anywhere they go.

Dare to experiment! Try out different decor styles, seasonal themes even DIY options if you're feeling crafty.

In essence? Use wreaths not just as an addition but as an integral part of your indoor decor narrative for every season and reason! Check out all of our wreaths and other primitive country home decor at our country store Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

Are you looking for other specific decorating ideas? Check out 22 Ways to Display Quilts in your Primitive Country Home.