Decorate with Timer Candles for a Safe, Stylish Home

When you learn how to decorate with timer candles it can be a game-changer for your home decor.

Imagine having flickering candlelight that turns off on its own, eliminating any worries about fire hazards or wax messes.

As a store owner, it's exciting for me when one of our customers discover our flameless candles for the first time. They soon realize they can decorate with timer candles in even more ways than traditional candles. 

Embracing flameless candles is like stepping into a world of endless decorating possibilities. From creating cozy corners to setting up elegant tablescapes, these versatile pieces have so much to offer.

No matter what your style preference might be - rustic country charm or modern minimalist elegance - you'll find that learning how to decorate with timer candles opens up new avenues for expressing your personal taste while keeping your home safe.

timer candles grouping on dining room table

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Embrace the Charm of Flameless Candles

The allure and charm of a flickering candle can now be enjoyed without risks, thanks to flameless faux, or fake candles. These innovative creations have two significant advantages over traditional real wax candles - they don't need oxygen for their 'flame,' and there's no chance of accidental fires.

This makes the choice to decorate with timer candles an excellent one if your household includes children or pets who might accidentally knock over traditional candles.

Several brands offer these safe alternatives, with some even crafting them from actual wax. Such LED-based options emit a warm glow that closely mimics the luminescence of a real candle flame. 

We often use flicker flame pillar candles on wall scones in our shop. They are mostly lit during daylight hours. However, in the winter when it gets dark earlier we've been mindful of not making it look like there is a real candle burning after hours so as not to alert any emergency personnel. 

They really do look that realistic!

bedroom setting in our shop

Flameless battery operated candles bring versatility into your decor game. Whether you place one on your bookshelves or nestled within lanterns; gracing window sills or tucked amidst holiday greenery - there's no end to how these little lights can illuminate your space.

You're completely free to adorn those hard-to-reach corners or enclosed spaces where lighting an authentic candle would pose a potential fire hazard. 

There are so many great reasons to embrace the charm and decorate with timer candles. 

Maintain Aesthetic Appeal Safely

You might question if opting for flameless battery operated candles means compromising on aesthetics? 

The answer is 'no.' 

Many country home decorators are thrilled with the idea of using such realistic-looking yet safer alternatives. I couldn't agree more. I personally love to decorate with timer candles in my home. 

I use them in so many places. 

OK. Confession time. 

I just checked and I have 35 LED candles on display in various places in my home. 

They give off such a nice warm glow and I appreciate the fact that I don't have to be concerned when the grandkids are over. We don't have any pets but I know some of my friends have found it's just not wise to use real candles in their homes. If you're on the fence about making battery operated candles part of your decorating scheme, stay tuned for lots of creative ways to display flameless candles in your home.

flicker flame candle centerpieceFeatured here is our flicker flame candle with a bog pimpernel wreath in our black round metal tray.

In addition, because these are LED lights encased within actual wax shells, they produce zero soot or smoke. Real candles will eventually burn down, leaving residue behind. When you decorate with timer candles it makes maintenance easier while keeping your home stylishly lit.

Many timer candles are small enough to fit into various types of holders such as glass jars, metal lanterns, and ceramic pots, adding charm effortlessly wherever they you decide to put them. And since they don't emit heat like regular burning wicks do, delicate surfaces stay safe, making flameless candles perfect for both indoors and outdoors alike.

More Than Just Illumination

The appeal doesn't stop at merely brightening up rooms. Some models come equipped with programmable timers, allowing you to set how long they stay alight before automatically turning off. This gives you peace of mind, especially during busy holiday seasons when forgetting could lead to unwanted incidents.

Our taper timer candles stay on for 6 hours then shut off for 18 hours. It's the same with our grungy pillar candles. I love the convenience of having my candles come on automatically each evening. 

It's great to walk into a warmly lit room when I get home from work - all thanks to my strategically timed illumination. And each room can have its own schedule. Maybe you have a home office, or the kids play room that would benefit from being able to enjoy flameless candles during the day time.

black wood centerpiece on tableThis photo is our black wood box centerpiece on a Westbury navy small table table cloth.

Just set the timer and enjoy scheduled ambient lighting whenever it works best for you. 

This unique blend - authenticity combined with modern technology - makes the decision to decorate with timer candles a safe and visually appealing idea. 

Here's a little recap of some benefits when you opt to decorate with timer candles followed by lots of great options.

  • Programmable convenience.
  • Clean not messy.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Easy to use.

Choose Your Flameless Candle Style

The world of flameless candles offers a lot of variety. From the cozy charm of battery-operated timer pillar candles to the elegance of 9' long timer taper candles, there's a style for every corner in your home.

Purchasing decisions should consider factors such as size compatibility with existing holders and preferred light intensity levels among others. Furthermore, options including remote controls offer added convenience. A wide variety are available from classic taper designs, rustic pillar shapes, votive styles and more. 

You can easily match these with primitive country home decorating styles by using tabletop wreaths around the base of pillar-style flameless candles or display taper style in one of many metal or wood candle holders. 

Timer Taper Candles: A Time-Honored Choice

The single slender taper candle has been around for 1000's of years. Pioneers would have made them in large batches, dipping them repeatedly in and out of wax. They were essential for lighting their homes.

Even though taper candles are not our only source of light, we still enjoy them in our homes today. Using battery operated timer candles allows us to showcase classic design elements while maintaining modern standards of safety. 

timer taper candlesFeatured here are 6' grungy ivory tapers with two spool candle holders.

These pieces offer not just light but also peace of mind; they automatically turn off after a set period, ensuring no fire hazards are left unattended - perfect when hosting dinner parties or enjoying quiet evenings at home.

Our timer taper candles come in several sizes. That makes them ideal for centerpieces, or as a stand alone, adding warmth and festive cheer throughout your home during special seasons like holidays or as an everyday staple. 

Grungy Pillar Candles: Sturdy Rustic Charm

Pillar candles provide a thicker, chunkier look than taper candles. They come in various heights and widths. We sell grungy mustard and grungy ivory colored pillars. 

Grungy pillar candleShown here is our 3 1/2' grungy ivory pillar candle.

Grungy pillar candles are the perfect light to arrange in the center of a wreath or 4' candle ring. Since there's not an actual flame, you won't need to be concerned about any wax dripping on the candle rings or causing a fire hazard.

Flicker Flame Candles: The Best Of Both Worlds

Sometimes it's about finding unusual ways to combine old-world charm with present day convenience. That's where flicker flame candles come into play. They're made with actual wax, offering realistic luminescence similar to their conventional counterparts minus potential risks associated with open flames.

cinnamon stick flicker flame candleOur cinnamon stick flicker flame candle is shown here with jingle bell snowman and some ticking stripe trees.

Much like placing several rolled-up quilts in corners creates eye-catching displays within rooms, so does strategically positioning flicker flame candles in different spaces around your home. Whether it's creating intimate displays on living room side tables or enhancing bathroom ambiances via soothing lighting effects, each type brings unique appeal, making all areas beautifully lit.

Tea Light & Votive Candles: A Tiny Spark of Light

If the area you're decorating needs just a small touch of light, then tea lights and votive candles will work perfectly. 

mustard votive candleHere is a picture of our grungy mustard votive candle displayed on a ginger spice placemat.

You could nestle some tea lights among your garland or add votive candles to your windowsills. Use them to line the edges of a wooden staircase. This would be a great focal point for your living room or entry way.

9 Ways to Decorate with Timer Candles for a Safe, Stylish Home

Here is a list of some of our favorite flameless candle decorating ideas. But please don't feel limited to our suggestions of how to decorate with timer candles. Let this be the catalyst for you to think of how timer candles fit best into your home decorating theme.

The charm of flameless candles is their ability to transform any space. Whether it's a cozy corner in your living room or an elegant tablescape for special occasions, these versatile decor pieces bring warmth and style without the risk associated with real wax candles.

I hope you can get some inspiration from these flameless candles decorating ideas.

1. Centerpieces & Tablescapes

If you're hosting during the holiday season, why not use stylish decorating ideas involving flameless candle centerpieces? A long-lasting battery operated candle nestled among flowers can serve as a stunning centerpiece that won't burn out before dessert arrives.

A series of faux tealights interspersed along the table amidst greenery brings warm ambiance without being overwhelming. Consider adding drama by arranging different heights of tabletop wreaths around pillar candles; this combines authenticity from primitive country home styles with modern safety measures.

candle tablescape centerpieceShown here on my dining room table are timer candles, a pillar candle, and the cinnamon stick pillar with an acorn candle ring and a penny leaf rust wreath layered on reclaimed wood risers.

2. Creating Cozy Corners with Hidden Decor

Remember those quiet corners in your grandma's house, where the soft glow of a candle added warmth and charm?

We can recreate that feeling using flameless candles. These clever little lights give us all the ambiance without any fire hazard.

I love to tuck faux tealights and timer candles here and there around my home. They fit perfectly inside lanterns or on a shelf in my hoosier cupboard. I also love using a flicker flame candle on the bench in our den. 

It's a perfect place to put my feet up before bed with a good book. I enjoy catching a glimpse of the cozy flame out of the corner of my eye. Then, when it's time to head upstairs before bed, I can just walk away knowing it will shut off on its own and be back to greet me the next evening.

The subtle glow adds depth and intrigue, casting beautiful shadows while remaining unobtrusive.

3. Create a Beautiful Mantle Display for Each Season

Candle light on a mantle is a nice way to create ambiance in your living space. 

You can collect a variety of taper candles, pillar candles and votives as the foundation of your mantle display. Include some of your favorite family photos. I have always loved to decorate with antique wooden spools and bobbins. Candles are a good base to go along with your favorite mantle display pieces. 

Then, as the seasons change you can switch out the garland or replace the candle rings. Every few months you can easily transition to a brand new look. 

This mantle display features our flicker flame pillar candle shown with pinecones and our fall garden candle ring.

4. Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with Flameless Candles

Did you know that flameless candles can bring a warm, inviting glow to your outdoor spaces just as they do indoors? And the best part is - you don't have to be concerned about the breeze blowing them out.

flicker flame candle on porchShown here is a single flicker flame candle on the porch.

Decorate your front porch for an evening gathering. You can use LED votive and tea lights in glass jars along the steps and hanging from tree branches. 

If you've ever spent time on a deck or poolside lounge during late-night gatherings, you know the setting would be well served with some flameless candles. Grouped together on tabletops or arranged around seating areas, these create striking statement pieces whose soft glow invites conversation into the wee hours of the morning. Battery operated timer pillar candles are perfect because you don't have to worry about turning them off.

5. Illuminate Garden Paths

You might recall walking down garden paths lined with twinkling lights at dusk. This magical effect can be recreated using flameless LED tealights or votives placed inside hurricanes lanterns alongside your path. 

Our quart mason jar Butler lantern would be a nice option for this. 

This photo features our Butler lantern with a 4 1/2' timer pillar.

If this is something you want to keep on display all summer, you will want to choose weather-resistant models designed specifically for outdoor use so they'll withstand elements like wind and rain while maintaining their beautiful luminescence night after night.

6. Bring Helpful Light to Your Bathroom

My mom likes to keep timer candles in her bathroom. She has them set to turn on once she goes to bed. This way she has the soft glow of the candle to help her see her way around in the bathroom during the night without having to turn on an overhead light. 

What a wonderful blend of technology and style. When you decorate with timer candles they provide practical lighting without sacrificing ambiance.

timer candles in bathroomPictured on my bathroom wall is a set of three grungy taper candles in our triple iron candle holder.

7. Add Romantic Charm to Your Bedroom

You could plan to have a timer candle set to be lit as you are heading to bed, welcoming you and your spouse to your cozy bedroom retreat.

You might even choose to keep a small one on during the night to light the path if you have to get up to take care of little children or pets.

8. Brighten Up Walls with Candle Sconces

candle sconce above headboardPictured on these sconces are the flicker flame pillar candles.

Using wall sconces with pillar or taper candles are a great idea for any room of the house. Here are some of our favorite ways to use them. 

  • Above the fireplace.
  • In a gallery wall grouping.
  • In the dining room on either side of your favorite framed print.
  • On the wall above your headboard.
  • Next to the bathroom mirror.
  • In the entryway next to a seasonal wreath. 
  • To light up a dark hallway.

If you are looking to get some sconces for your home, we sell sconces that work well with our timer and pillar candles.

9. Refresh Your Window Sills  

Incorporating flameless candles into your primitive country home decor can bring a unique charm to any space. Consider the use of small candle holders in each window with timer taper candles set to come on at dusk. 

I've got a wall full of windows in my dining room and love the look of our 9' taper candles with my tobacco cloth curtains. We carry several kinds of candle holders. I used our half moon candle holders in my dining room.

window sill candlesSeveral 9' ivory taper candles are pictures here on the window sills.

I know window candles are especially popular during the holidays. I like to keep these up all year long. 

If you are new to the idea of decorating with timer candles, we've given you lots to think about. And if you've been enjoying flameless candles for some time already, hopefully we've given you some new inspiration on how to enjoy them in each room of your home.

FAQs in Relation to Decorate With Timer Candles

Can you decorate flameless candles?

Absolutely. Flameless candles can be decorated and styled just like traditional ones. Their variety in shapes, sizes, and colors makes them versatile for any decor theme.

Can candles be used as decoration?

Candles are a popular choice for home decoration. They add warmth, ambiance, and style to any space, whether they're real or flameless.

Why decorate with candles?

Candles bring an inviting glow that enhances the coziness of your space. Plus, timer-based flameless versions offer safety alongside aesthetic appeal.

How to decorate your home with candles?

You can use candles in centerpieces, tablescapes, or cozy corners of your home. Additionally, outdoor spaces can benefit from their soft lighting too.


Now that we have shown you ways you can decorate with timer candles, you can see that flameless candles are the future of home decor, offering safety and versatility in equal measure. Of course, real candles do still have a place but the versatility of fake candles is really quite appealing. 

The charm they bring to any space is undeniable, with a variety of styles to choose from including timer pillar candles, taper candles, and LED flameless candles. Incorporating these into your living spaces can transform them completely - be it bedrooms or bathrooms, dining tables or cozy corners hidden away.  

It's fun to use hurricane lanterns, candle holders and wall sconces when using battery operated candles to add an extra touch of primitive country charm. We can help you with that since we sell lots of great options. 

We also learned that outdoor spaces can also be a great way to display flameless candles that pose no fire hazards even when left unattended for long periods.

Enjoy the hassle free timer feature of these battery operated candles and decorate away!