Rustic Farmhouse Rugs: Your Ultimate Guide to Style and Care

Let's roll out the rustic farmhouse rugsRugs can truly make a home feel cozy and inviting. However, it's not always simple to locate the ideal rug. You're likely searching for rustic farmhouse rugs that not only enhances your decor but also can withstand regular use.

Enter: Our rustic farmhouse rug guide, crafted just for you!

Rugs bring in warmth, texture, and personality to a room. Many people today opt to install wood flooring as opposed to carpet. While I love wood flooring and the character it brings to a home, it can also leave a house feeling could, loud, and lifeless unless you add the right rugs. 

Our rustic farmhouse rugs are just the right remedy.

Years ago, before we had any grandchildren, my husband and I took our adult kids to a bed and breakfast for our Christmas celebration. It was a log cabin in the woods and it was a chilly December day.

When we walked into the cabin there wasn't a single person to greet us, but the cabin was so cozy and warm with it's wood floors, plush rugs and pip berry lighting that we instantly felt welcomed. 

Have you ever had that feeling?

We want to help you create that feeling for your own home.

Maybe you've spent hours browsing online or in stores, feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there.

We get it! 

Let's explore the world of rustic farmhouse rugs together. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and let’s unravel this together!

Kettle grove stencil star rectangle braided rug 36x60Shown here is the Kettle grove stencil star rectangle braided rug.

Table Of Contents:

Discover the Charm of Rustic Farmhouse Rugs

Rustic farmhouse rugs are a home decor powerhouse. 

They're versatile, charming and can make any space feel like a cozy retreat.

And guess what? 

The world of these rugs is broader than you might think. 

It's not just about a traditional look anymore; there's an exciting range that blends old-world charm with modern aesthetics too.

Here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop, we offer hundreds of unique farmhouse rug designs. From entryway accents to grand living room centerpieces - we've got it all. 

This guide will walk you through some basic decisions that we all need to consider:

  1. How to select the type, style and material of your rug.
  2. How to choose the best shape and size rug for your space.
  3. Where in your home to strategically place your rug.
  4. How to care for your rug.
  5. What color rug is best for your home.

So dive deep into this beautiful world of rustic farmhouse rugs - they promise nothing but joyous transformations.

Unravel Rustic Farmhouse Rugs

Rustic farmhouse rugs, with their diverse styles and materials, are a great way to inject charm into your home. They're not just about aesthetics; they're also crafted from sturdy materials like cotton, jute, and polyester.

Braided Farmhouse Rugs - Handcrafted for Homeyness

Let's start by unwinding the braided farmhouse rug. 

These beauties are more than meets the eye – behind each twist and turn is an intricate design story told through fabric strips, jute, cotton or recycled plastics. The warm tones of reds and browns blend right in with any country-style decor.

But it's not all show; these rugs mean business when it comes to durability. Thanks to their tight weave construction, they can take on high foot traffic areas without breaking a sweat.

This burgundy and tan oval braided rug is the perfect touch to this sitting space. It is made from natural jute fiber, dyed, and then hand constructed.

burgundy and tan oval braided rugThis is the burgundy and tan oval braided rug.

Braided rugs are probably my favorite out of all the collections. 

I had a big, braided rug under my dining room table for years and I absolutely loved it. I also had a smaller matching braided rug at my front door that proved to stand up to rain and snow. 

I just love how braided rugs can instantly change the look of a room. Large, braided farmhouse area rugs add so much character to a space with one touch.

We offer a wide variety that will fit into any decor you have in your home.

Warm Your Space with Cotton Chindi Rugs

Rustic farmhouse rugs made of cotton are a classic choice and come in a variety of styles.

Chindi rugs have a very distinct look and are very popular right now. I think they look vintage, like something my grandmother might have had in her home. They are 100% cotton and woven on a loom.

Traditional cotton rugs might appeal to people who like to mix patterns. I would say that are typically a little brighter.

The Sturbridge black rectangle rug is made from 100% cotton and will look perfect in your farmhouse home.

Sturbridge black rectangle rugDisplayed here is the Sturbridge black rectangle rug.

Moving onto another gem: the burlap farmhouse rug. If you love adding natural touches to your space, this one’s got you covered. Woven from 100% cotton fibers, our burlap rugs bring an earthy vibe that makes countryside living feel closer than ever before.

This rug isn't just good looking—it pulls its weight around the house too. It's soft textured surface offers a pleasant base for your feet while keeping things stylishly rustic. And let's talk versatility—the neutral hues work well with most color schemes.

Take it Outside with Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Picture this: A beautiful rustic farmhouse rug greeting your guests on the front porch.

Or carefully selected rug for your sunroom or patio where you sit with your coffee in the morning.

Don't neglect carrying your rustic farmhouse charm into the outdoor spaces that matter.

The Celeste blended pebble indoor/outdoor oval braided rug would be a beautiful sight to see when you step inside your front door. Made from 100% recycled polyester materials, you don't have to worry about wet shoes with this rug!

celeste blended pebble indoor/outdoor oval braided rugShown here is the Celebste blended pebble indoor outdoor oval braided rug.

We have various sorts of indoor/outdoor rug options to suite your farmhouse style.

Braided farmhouse rugs are the epitome of country living with their intricate designs woven from durable materials like polyester or recycled textiles. Their unique texture adds depth and warmth to any space while maintaining an earthy aesthetic that is characteristic of rustic decor.

We also have rugs with printed fabric on 100% recycled materials such as the Raven harvest indoor/outdoor rectangle rug.

In addition to being stylish, many of these rugs are also environmentally friendly. Many manufacturers use recycled materials or durable polyester to create their products, offering you a way to enhance your home decor while reducing waste and promoting sustainability. 

So why wait? Start exploring the wide range of rustic farmhouse rugs today!

Popular Shapes of Rustic Farmhouse Rugs

Rustic farmhouse rugs are like the secret sauce to a cozy home. They come in all shapes and sizes, with oval, half circle, and rectangle being some favorites.

Finding the right size is crucial because remember: proportionality between your rug & room dimensions matters.

Here’s our guide to help nail down those sizes from small 2x3 feet mats perfect near kitchen sinks or doors up to expansive 10x14 feet area rugs aptly covering open-plan living spaces. 

Perhaps you are looking for farmhouse area rugs to transform your living room and dining room. Maybe you need a small rug to add that cozy touch to your laundry room. Or maybe you are looking for rustic charm runner rugs in your hallways.

Tea Cabin rectangle braided rug 27x48Shown here is the Tea Cabin rectangle braided rug.

No matter what rug size or rug shape you are looking for, we have several medium to small sized options for you.

Let's talk about why these particular shapes are causing such a stir in the world of rustic decor.

Know Your Size Strategy

Area rugs serve two purposes: they define a space and enhance a room's decor.

They tend to unify whatever furnishings are placed on it.

The size of your rustic farmhouse rug is important since it conveys the size of the room. 

Many designers advocate having all the furniture sitting on the outer perimeter of your rug. Others prefer to have just the front legs of the seating on the rug. By having the rug run under the furniture, the mind's eye sees it as continuing indefinitely, making the space feel bigger. 

In multipurpose rooms, these rugs can help designate between functional zones. 

Area rugs are not meant as coffee table anchors. They're meant to anchor a whole living room. So when you use a tiny rug in a seating group, it looks seriously dwarfed.

Smaller rugs can bring character to a space and direct our steps. 

Using a beautiful runner in the hallway naturally draws you into the next room. A welcoming rug at the bottom of the stairs invites you to go up or greets you when you come down.

It's normal for us to have small rugs in our bathroom to warm up the space with comfort. Why not do this in other areas as well such as near the kitchen sink where you spend much of your time. 

Depending on your kitchen, you'll want a size smaller than 27x48 so as not to overwhelm the space. If you have a small kitchen, a 20x30 might be a better choice for you.

Pick a Pattern

Using an expansive rug gives you the opportunity to bring in patterns and colors that coordinate with the rest of the furniture. It's a detail that helps to complete a room by softening and warming up surfaces like tiles and wood flooring.

If you choose a rug that has an all-over repeat pattern, you'll have a consistent view of the pattern around the furniture. When it comes to using a rug with more asymmetrical designs, use it with furniture that has a more open frame.

Oval Shaped Farmhouse Rugs - Soften Corners With Style

You know what's great about an oval farmhouse rug? It can make any room feel softer and more inviting. 

Think about it: those smooth curves break up harsh lines, creating a warm and welcoming vibe.

The natural and creme oval braided rug is a versatile choice in oval rugs. It is sure to give your farmhouse space a bright and refreshing look.

natural and creme rectangle braided rugDisplayed here is the natural and creme oval braided rug, 20x30 inches.

Plus, they're super versatile. You'll find them under dining tables or adding charm to living rooms. And if you've got narrow spaces like hallways crying out for something special – an oval runner might be just the ticket.

Half Circle Farmhouse Rugs - Perfect for Entryways or Under Furniture

Moving on to our next star player: The half circle farmhouse rug. 

These little beauties are compact yet pack quite the punch when it comes to versatility. 

Console table looking lonely? Doorway feeling bare? Half-circle rug is here to save the day.

The Cumberland half circle braided rug combines red, black, charcoal, and tan.

Cumberland half circle braided rugFeatured here is the Cumberland half circle braided rug.

Besides being pretty as a picture, they also help protect your floors from scratches caused by moving furniture around – practicality wrapped up in rustic charm. What’s not to love?

Square & Rectangular Farmhouse Rugs - Ideal for Large Spaces

Last but definitely not least: The classic rectangle farmhouse rug (and its cousin square). When dealing with larger interiors that need definition or symmetry — nothing beats this duo.

Their form complements other rectangular objects within a room—like coffee tables—and creates visual harmony effortlessly.

The Jolie rectangle braided rug adds a modern farmhouse twist, combining blue green and creme in a beautiful design.

Jolie rectangle braided rugShown here is the Jolie rectangle braided rug.

And let me tell you, there's something very satisfying seeing everything fall into place perfectly because you chose the right shaped rug.

So whether you’re hunting down runners for long corridors or area carpets covering wide open spaces... well friend; Rectangle has got your back.

Where to Use Your Rustic Farmhouse Rug

A rustic farmhouse rug is not just a decorative piece. A rustic farmhouse rug can be a powerful tool to turn any room into an inviting, comfortable area - like the feeling of warmth on your feet when you make breakfast on Sunday morning.

You know what I'm talking about? 

That warmth underfoot when you're making breakfast on Sunday morning? That's the power of a kitchen runner. 

And hey, don't limit its charm to the kitchen only. 

A similar rug can also make your bathroom feel spa-like.

Let's dive into all the areas of your home where a rustic farmhouse rug can shine.

Living Room

The living room - where we can relax with a movie or enjoy some quality family time - it deserves something special too. 

Here, size matters. And by that I mean both the size of your room and the rug.

Get this right and voila – instant coziness.

Having a rug simply makes seating arrangements look better, feel better, and sound better.

A rug placed in a living room is a don't-miss detail that will complete the look and feel of the room.

They also serve a function too: rugs absorb sound and make a room quieter. This is an important factor for people with children running around. I certainly understand this when all 11 grandchildren are visiting!

What's more, rugs feel warmer underfoot and cushier for lounging on the floor. Even if you already have carpeting, a rug will work in your living room.

And consider patterns and theme of the room.

If you already have a fully decorated living room that you are looking to finalize with a rug, ensure the patterns on the upholstery and walls don't compete or clash with the rug. 

A busy wall pattern ought to be balanced with a more subtle rug design.

If you have a larger room or are working with an open floor plan, you can use different rugs to create specific sections. Just be sure to choose colors that match to pull a cohesive look together.

If you don't have a large space, use a lighter rug can actually make your space seem larger. 

A rug with a central pattern is ideal if you wan to create a focal point in the room . If you already have a focal point, such as fireplace or piece of art, a rug with a more repetitive pattern or none at all will work nicely.

The farmhouse star oval braided rug compliments the fireplace really nicely! 

Farmhouse Star oval braided rugShown here is the Farmhouse Star oval braided rug.

When you find the right one that fits your space, the beauty of a farmhouse living room rug is a wonderful thing to behold and enjoy.

Decorate your Dining Room 

Moving onto dining rooms now: imagine having dinner while your feet are cuddled up on a soft carpet underneath – feels heavenly already, doesn't it?

When it comes to dining rooms, stay away from rugs with rather elaborate central patterns. These can be obscured by your table and chairs, or there may just be too much going on under your table. Rather, choose a rug that is plain in the middle with decorative elements along the borders.

Of course rugs in dining rooms should handle spilled drinks and crumbs of food. In the bedroom, you can go with something a little less resistant. 

Don't forget to include the space on top of your dining room table. 

A beautiful runner adds so much farmhouse style. They came in various lengths so you can pick the right one for your table size. And you can change the style easily by switching it out for the season or occasion.

Colonial Star oval braided runner is sure to give your table a rustic farmhouse look!

Colonial Star braided oval runner 13x72Shown here is the Colonial Star braided oval runner.

Accent With Rugs in Your Bedroom and Bathroom

In bedrooms, rugs do wonders by adding texture beside beds. 

A bedroom rug adds a cozy spot for your feet in the morning; or allows a rustic transition from master bedroom to master bathroom.

It is an easy way to add style or bring in color to your rooms. 

The Cider Mill rectangle braided rug combines burgundy tan, black and green into a clever pattern to bring farmhouse colors to your bedroom suite.

Cider Mill rectangle braided rug 36x60Featured here is the Cider Mill rectangle braided rug.

Don't forget rugs in the bathroom.

Of course, traditional bathmats are perfect way to bring your farmhouse theme to your bathroom. Especially since bathrooms typically have tiled, wood, or laminate flooring. Rugs are a quick way to bring warmth and to add a layer of safety to an otherwise slippery surface.

The Sawyer Mill charcoal farmhouse bathmat spells it out for you in embroidered, farmhouse charm. And don't worry, the rubber underside will help prevent sliding and slipping.

Sawyer Mill charcoal farmhouse bathmat 27x48Shown here is the Sawyer Mill charcoal farmhouse bathmat.

Pet-Friendly Carpets 

If you have pets at home, then here's some good news for you: many farmhouse rugs are pet-friendly. 

So go ahead, let Fido play around without worrying about wear-and-tear.

Why not make your pet space extra special with their very own rug? You don't have to compromise your style. We offer various bone-shaped rugs that are perfect for your pet!

Check out our beautiful selection of dog bone rugs.

The Cumberland indoor/outdoor bone braided rug features red, black, charcoal, and tan. Of course, it's waterproof, and is made of 100% recycled polyester material.

Cumberland indoor/outdoor bone braided rug 15x23Featured here is the Cumberland indoor/outdoor bone braided rug.

Stair Treads and Runners

And how could we forget stair treads? They add style points plus they reduce slipping hazards, which makes them super useful if there are kids or elderly folks in the house.

When we first bought our home it had a wooden staircase. When my children were babies, I would carry them up and down those stairs several times a day. I was often worried that I would slip and tumble all the way down.

Stair treads are a perfect solution and are appealing to the eye. I think they also add a lot of charm because it's something you don't see very often.

Our braided stair treads are made from natural jute fiber, dyed, and then hand constructed, and have various colors to choose from.

The Kaila rectangle braided stair tread brings soft blue, tan, creme, and dusty rose into a beautiful modern farmhouse design. A gorgeous way to dress up your stairs.

Kaila rectangle braided stair treadDisplayed here is the Kaila rectangle braided stair tread.

Now down the stairs and around the hallway. Keep the rustic rug trend going with a welcoming runner to guide you down the hall.

The Floral Vine rectangle braided rug runner is made of both jute and cotton to give it a handmade look. The central rectangle pattern surround by floral vine gives it a fun touch.

Floral vine rectangle braided rug runner 24x96This is the Floral Vine rectangle braided rug runner, 24x96 inches.

Office Comforts & Entryway Welcomes

Last but definitely not least: offices and entryways.

Your office might be all business, but who says it can't look stylish? A rustic farmhouse rug provides comfort as well as visual appeal for those long working hours. Adding a soft rug near your office chair might be just the right change.

Now coming to entryways – first impressions matter, so why not set a warm welcoming tone right from the doorstep?

The Ginger Spice rectangle braided rug adds character to your entryway and has enough color variation to hide the dirt.

Ginger Spice rectangle braided rugShown here is the Ginger Spice rectangle braided rug.

In entryways, consider how much foot traffic the rug will get. In busier areas, lighter rugs are going to catch dirt and every single stain will show. A practical option in this case is darker colors and detailed patterns.

Keep Your Rustic Farmhouse Rug in Tip-Top Shape

Your rustic farmhouse rug, whether it's a handmade gem or a machine-made marvel, is more than just an accessory. It's an investment that needs some love and care to last through the years.

The great news? 

These rugs are built tough. They're designed for high traffic areas and come with features like non-slip rug pads and even outdoor use. But there's no denying they need regular cleaning to keep their charm intact.

Clean - Regular & Deep

A simple routine of vacuuming your rug can do wonders. It keeps the colors vibrant by getting rid of surface debris. If your rug has fringe details though, you might want to tread lightly while vacuuming; we wouldn't want those delicate threads damaged.

I am careful to go easy when using the power nozzle function on my braided rugs. It's usually necessary after a day of the grandkids coming in and out after playing in the sand box. But on light traffic days I don't need to use the power nozzle function.

Got printed designs on your farmhouse carpet? A soft brush would be ideal for dusting off without wearing out these beautiful elements. 

Say Yes To Spot Cleaning

If durability was a class, rustic farmhouse rugs would ace it. 

This means they will last long enough for you to have lots of opportunities to spot clean your rugs. Some rugs are able to be machine washed. Mind you though, always stick close to the manufacturer’s instructions when popping these into washers.

Bonus tip: Hand wash using mild soap if machines aren't your thing or if the label warns against it.

Espresso rectangle braided rugThis is a close up of the Espresso rectangle braided rug.

Drying And Storage Know-Hows

Here, you'll find guidelines about drying methods tailored for different types of rugs.

In short: make sure your washed rug dries completely before putting it back on duty. You don’t want dampness inviting mold growth.

Packing away temporarily? Roll up neatly instead of folding - this helps avoid creases and maintain its shape better.

Rustic farmhouse rugs are versatile decor pieces offering aesthetic appeal along with functional benefits like non-slip backing - all they ask from us is proper maintenance.

Choose The Right Color For Your Rustic Farmhouse Rug

A rug is a great way to introduce texture and color in a bland room. Or even serve as a springboard for the rest of your room's decor. 

You also want to make sure that the rug coordinates well with all the other elements in the room.

Introduce rustic farmhouse character while also considering these color coordinating tips:

  1. Avoid clashing colors by ensuring the rug matches existing furnishings.
  2. The rug should complement the wall paint.
  3. Tie everything together harmoniously.

Selecting the right hue for your rustic farmhouse rug may seem challenging, but have no fear. Let us assist you in making this selection by providing some useful tips.

Let's explore the popular colors and how they can transform your space.

1. Primitive Favorites: Black and Burgundy

Burgundy is one our most popular primitive picks. And black is a classic pairing. There's something about this family of colors that gives your space a deep, rich feel with plenty of character. 

There is just something endearing about burgundy and it has remained tried and true throughout the years.

This burgundy and tan rectangle welcome rug is a charming choice when you want bring burgundy into your home decor.

burgundy and tan rectangle welcome rug 20x30Displayed here is the burgundy and tan rectangle welcome rug.

Your takeaway: When your personal farmhouse style leans towards primitive country, you can't go wrong with burgundy or black woven and braided rugs.

2. Embrace Neutrals: Tan and Beige Rugs

The world of tans and beiges is vast. But why are these shades so beloved? 

Well, tan, beige, creme and khaki rugs exude a warm and inviting ambiance that complements the natural wood furniture often found in country homes. Additionally, they provide a neutral foundation for other decorative elements. 

The Cobblestone collection weaves khaki, creme and grey together for a neutral option that still packs a punch for character. 

Cobblestone rectangle braided rug 22x72Shown here is the Cobblestone rectangle braided runner.

Your takeaway: If you're seeking versatility with a touch of coziness, opt for beige or tan rugs.

3. Cool It Down: Blue and Grey Rugs

If warm neutrals don't quite meet your needs, let's explore cooler tones. Enter blues and greys. 

A blue rug adds a refreshing pop of color without overwhelming the surrounding space, while grey rugs offer a sense of balance and cool elegance.

The Great Falls collection features a classic farmhouse blue and creme. It is sure to bring a cheerful pop of color to your home.

Great Falls oval braided rug 36x60Featured here is the Great Falls oval braided rug.

Your takeaway: If you resonate with modern farmhouse vibes, consider choosing blue or grey rugs.

4. Green Up Your Space With Green Rugs

Now, let's explore more unconventional choices - green. This nature-inspired hue feels right at home within the warm confines of classic farmhouse setups.

In addition to serving as beautiful standalone pieces in rooms with lighter wall hues, green rugs also harmonize well with other decor items, including plants, thereby enhancing their overall impact.

The Pine Grove collection features a rich green with complimenting black and tan for a darker look. 

Wow. Doesn't this combination look beautiful against dark flooring?!

Pine Grove rectangle braided rug 27x48Displayed here is the Pine Grove rectangle braided rug.

So, if adding freshness and vitality is high on your agenda, give green rugs serious consideration.

Your takeaway: if you love nature and hints the fresh outdoors, go with green.

FAQs in Relation to Rustic Farmhouse Rugs

What rugs go with farmhouse style?

Rustic farmhouse rugs, often in neutral tones or muted colors, complement the cozy aesthetic of a farmhouse-style home. Materials like jute, cotton, and recycled materials are popular choices.

What does rustic farmhouse look like?

Rustic farmhouses feature natural materials, weathered finishes, and vintage pieces that create a warm, inviting atmosphere. It's about simplicity and comfort blended with country charm.

What is rustic farmhouse?

Rustic Farmhouse is an interior design style that emphasizes warmth and coziness through the use of distressed wood elements, neutral or rich color palettes, and comfortable furnishings.

What makes a farmhouse rug?

A true rustic farmhouse rug typically features simple patterns or textures in earthy hues. They're made from durable materials like cotton or jute to withstand high traffic areas while adding warmth to the space.


Explore rustic farmhouse rugs with our guide. Discover styles, care tips, and how to pick the perfect rug for your home decor.

Discover a vast array of rustic farmhouse rugs, just awaiting to be uncovered! We've delved into the different types and shapes, from braided to burlap, oval to rectangle. You now know where best to place them in your home - whether it's welcoming guests at the entryway or adding comfort underfoot in the living room.

The importance of care has been emphasized too. Because longevity matters as much as style when it comes to these pieces. We hope picking colors is no longer daunting, but rather an exciting opportunity for personal expression within your decor scheme.

Looking for other farmhouse decor tips? You might enjoy Pillow Arranging Ideas for Cozy and Stylish Homes.

If this exploration of rustic farmhouse rugs has sparked a desire for more country-style homeware, consider browsing our collection at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. From quilts and curtains to all sorts of home decor products, we're here to help transform your space into a cozy haven with timeless charm. Visit us today and let’s make your dream home come true!