Planning the Perfect Wedding with Primitive Country Decor

Planning the Perfect Wedding with Primitive Country Decor


The season for weddings is upon us and who doesn't love a good wedding? I have been to weddings where there has been so much thought and sentiment put into the ceremony...the ones where God is at the center and you can feel the sanctity of the moment. And while it's so fun to see how a wedding is all planned out from the dress to the flowers to the creativity planned out for the reception...the actual sacred union and the vows are so important and beautiful. Years ago when my husband and I were married my Aunt gave us a framed poem called "Marriage takes Three! While the frame has been long ago packed away the conviction has been there our entire marriage and there is such truth in the fact the Lord has always been the third person in our marriage. I'm so grateful for that.


But don't get me wrong the process for the bride is so exciting and probably ONE of the most important days of her life. Finding the perfect dress, planning a creative reception, adding in all the sentimental details throughout the day, and planning a special honeymoon is a blessing. Often times women have had visions of their special day since they were little girls. Now of course there is an element of stress and worry that is hard to avoid. After all, doesn't everyone want their special day to be perfect? Planning and more planning and being organized will help with that. Having checklists, an itinerary, and of course a master calendar with deadlines, due dates, and important events penciled in will make for a smooth ride and you will be able to enjoy the journey. 



With wedding season falling between April and October, it's never too early to start planning out your decor. Putting pen to paper and writing thoughts down in your wedding planner is a good idea. And it's okay to have several themes in mind in the beginning until you feel it necessary to start dwindling your ideas down to the perfect plan for your flawless day.

There are so many helps out there now to assist you in planning your wedding. Of course, word of mouth and friends who have gone before you is one way. The internet can be so helpful in getting started and finding out what steps to take and in what sequence to do them. But personally, I would start with Pinterest because that's where ideas will start to generate. Pinterest can be an effective tool in organizing your ideas and thoughts as you can "pin" all your favorite design elements and keep them in one spot. It kind of replaces the old age process of cutting out all your favorite pictures from a bride magazine and pasting them in your wedding planner. One of my all time favorite wedding themes is the "rustic wedding"! Ohhhh, the beautiful creativity that people come up with can be so breathtaking and so simple at the same time.

So now that you have just a little bit of a handle on what needs to be done, I have some decor suggestions for you. We have several versatile wedding and reception options for you to start thinking about.


Ball Mason Jar with Barn Roof Taper Candle Holder

There are endless possibilities for Mason Jars. Use our Ball Mason Jar with Barn Roof Taper Candle Holder on your reception tables and maybe pair it with slice wood and burlap...and bam you have a simple pretty centerpiece! Use one at the table where guests will sign your guest book and one at your gift table to keep things cohesive.



Ivory Flower Box

I love love love these Flower Boxes. Pictured is our Ivory Flower Box but it also comes in Black and Mustard. I love them because they are a blank slate. Add mason jars filled with floating candles, mason jars filled with babies breathe or fresh cut flowers. After the wedding reuse them in your home or garden.


Our Pip Berry Garland is a best seller here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. Purchase these with or without lights. Add them to baskets at the end of the isle or use them at your guest table, dessert table, or even the head table where the bride and groom will be the center of attention. Available in multiple colors.

Lighted Creme Pip Berry Garland


Finally, if you are going to have an outdoor wedding or at the very least a rustic theme and will be going all out with chippy wood benches on a freshly cut lawn overlooking a serene pond be sure to consider our Love You More Burlap Pillow to add to those benches. Kind of like the Robertson's did with their son's wedding, Jon Luke. Can you picture it? I don't know how practical it is but I can pictures the scene set in my mind. Besides, this cute pillow then can be a reminder to the couple of their special day.

Love You More Burlap Pillow 


After your big day is over and the honeymoon celebrated we want to be able to help you make your house a home. I remember this season of life and it was so exciting. Being an adult, married, and able to decorate your first house or apartment exactly how you want is so much fun. At Primitive Star Quilt Shop we can help with that. We offer bedding, curtains, rugs, home decor, and more.

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