Tea Cabin Tumbling Star Bedding

Tea Cabin Tumbling Star Bedding

      22 products

      22 products

      Tumbling Star Quilt Collection

      Discover the charm of our custom-made Tumbling Star quilt collection, beautifully designed with a mix of check and plaid fabrics. This unique quilt collection boasts an array of primitive country colors that add a warm touch to any room decor.

      Rustic Color Palette

      Experience the calming blend of navy blue, muted burgundy, barn red, four shades of green, and solid tan. These colors are carefully selected from our beloved Tea Cabin log cabin collection fabric palette - offering perfect harmony between this set and your existing Tea Cabin pieces like the green plaid bed skirts or curtains.

      With such versatile color options at play in each piece, you have several choices for accentuating items to create a cohesive look throughout your space. In the bedding photos, we've chosen to highlight our Packsville Rose Cranberry shams and runner as fitting complements.

      Classic Design Elements

      At its heart is an intricate design featuring solid hexagon blocks interwoven with homespun stars - giving it its distinctive 'Tumbling Star' name. The slightly tilted positioning creates an enchanting illusion that they're gently tumbling into one another.

      Our coordinating shams continue this tumbling theme on a smaller scale; thus maintaining uniformity across all pieces in this collection.

      Please Note: A matching pillow accompanies the quilt but is sold separately along with a specially crafted throw – extending the reach of this quaint rustic appeal beyond just your bed!

      Timeless Elegance

      Although perfectly suited for pairing up with Christmas décor given its warm hues and festive starry pattern - don't be fooled! Thanks to its broad spectrum of colors captured within every piece – it's not restricted by seasonality. This timeless classic can bring comfort & joy throughout every season making it much more than just holiday bedding!

      Pre-order our delightful 'Tumbling Stars' today!