10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Color

10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Color

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that’s just for you – a place to relax, recharge, welcome the day, and retreat into at night. It should be a place that evokes peace and happiness just by walking in, which is one reason your bedroom décor is so important.

For many people, neutrals are soothing. But for others, color creates the mood they want. The key is to understand what colors mean the most to you and then select a color pallet for your space. Read on below for our guide to decorating your bedroom using color. 


  1. In primitive country homes, black is one of the most popular colors to use in home decorating. Black can add a dramatic touch to the bedroom too. Our quilt collections often combine black with khaki or creme. This give you a lot of freedom to add in other subtle pops of color very easily. We have more than a dozen quilts that have been designed with black as the main feature color. The Primitive Star quilt collection is one example and combines black, charcoal and creme in plaid, stripes and vintage prints.

 Primitive Star Quilted Bedding


  1. Green is associated growth and the freshness of nature. It reminds me of the beauty of spring. I love watching plants, flowers and trees come to life each Spring.  A green bedroom can remind you of new life, and the peacefulness of a walk in the woods which makes it the perfect color for a place of serenity such as a bedroom. Our Tea Cabin quilt collection has been a favorite of our customers for many years. I love the softness of the homespun material used in the log cabin pattern and the down-home richness the fabrics bring to any room.

 Tea Cabin green bedding

Navy Blue

  1. Navy blue is a color of efficiency and decision-making. While these may not sound like things you need to address in the bedroom, letting go of unhealthy stress and anxiety at the end of the day is a good practice. If you’re the type of person who is soothed by a lack of clutter, emotionally or physically, a deep blue color in your bedroom might be the most relaxing hue for you. The Teton Star quilt and its accessories combine 5-point barn stars with solids, checks and plaids.

Teton Star Quilt

Light Blue

  1. Blue’s lighter side is all about peace and tranquility. Blue is thought to symbolize trust and loyalty. They say it slows down our metabolism. If that is true it could have a positive calming effect and be a great color choice for the bedroom. As I look at our Sawyer Mill Blue collection I think it seems so soft and yet offers a clean crisp display of blues and white. Use this soft patchwork design to add subtle color to your farmhouse master suite.

Sawyer Mill Blue


  1. If you are someone who loves neutrals, Khaki is a great option. When you use khaki, tan or beige, you have endless possibilities of ways to add color to your bedroom with accessories like throw pillows, curtains and rugs. Our Burlap Vintage Star coverlet is so primitive and can be the perfect light khaki base for your bedroom.

Burlap Vintage Star Coverlet


  1. Red is a stimulant, so some might only want to use it as an accent color in the bedroom. However, from the time we learn to identify our colors, apple red or fire engine red can be a fun bold color that everybody loves. A bright red vase on your dressing table may help you start your morning the same way a cup of coffee would, or one red wall might serve as a reminder to get up and rejoice in the day! The Tacoma quilt collection is a great option with lots of barn red!

 Tacoma Quilted Bedding


  1. Burgundy has risen to be the single most popular color of the bedding our customers love! Some would say it is thought to be the color of passion. Either way it can add primitive country warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

 Cheston Quilted Bedding


  1. If you love the great outdoors, hiking in the woods and camping, you might want to continue to enjoy the color of wood, earth and stone in your bedroom. Our patchwork brown quilts like our Prescott collection are a rustic favorite. 

Prescott quilt collection


  1. Another great choice is to use the color grey. Grey is very popular as a bedroom color because it's cool and neutral and can bring a lot of balance to the room. There are endless ways to add pops of accent color with a grey quilt base as well. We love the Mill Stripe quilt bundle. It coordinates with everything from our Sawyer Mill Charcoal line.

 Mill stripe bedding


  1. Sometimes it is just too hard to choose one main color to use in your bedroom. That’s OK. You can always go with a multi-color quilt that’s made from fabrics in many prim favorite colors! We sure appreciate our quilt manufacturer VHC Brands. Their product development team specializes in choosing just the right combination of fabrics in various prints, plaids, checks and stripes and have created wonderful multi-color quilt collections. Our Patriotic Patch quilt is a customer favorite and can get you started thinking about enjoying a multi-color quilt collection.

Patriotic Patch quilt collection

Color can add energy to a lifeless room, and it's no small task to choose your favorite. If you are looking to make some changes in your bedroom, you should definitely check out How to Create a Primitive Country Bedroom Makeover Plan in 6 Easy Steps. We will help guide you through each decision. It’s so worth the time to create the space you need to enjoy your bedroom to the fullest.

For more home décor ideas, check our blog regularly. We’re constantly exploring ways to make the most of our cherished time at home. And... if you are a DIYer then you should for sure check out How to Make Your Own Wood Headboard!

No matter what your favorite primitive color pallet is, we’re sure you’ll find a bedroom collection to brighten up your space when you shop by quilt collection at Primitive Star Quilt Shop.

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