A New Shower Curtain May Be Just What You Need!


Take a moment, think..."how long has my current shower curtain been hanging in my bathroom?" Probably not a question you ask yourself everyday, huh? It might even be hard to recall exactly when that curtain began residing in your necessary room. Well, I was forced to consider this very thought several weeks ago. It all started when....

The phone rings. I pick it up seeing that it's my sister. "OK" she begins. "I have something to tell you that I've been wanting to say for a long time and I wasn't sure if I should, but now I decided I am just going to say it, because a long time ago you visited my house and had something you wanted to tell me and you weren't sure if you should, and you did. It was when I lived in Nappanee. Do you remember what you told me?"

"No.....I don't have any idea" I say, smiling hesitantly. After all, who starts conversations out like this anyway!!

"Well" she continues. "You didn't want to tell me cause you didn't want to hurt my feelings but you did anyway and I am so glad you did. So...I thought... I am just going to tell her this even though I wasn't sure if I should". Through the phone, I hear kids in the background and at this point she says "Oh, hang on, I'm babysitting, gotta go. I'll call you back"

I am left holding the silent phone in my hand, with my jaw lowered a few inches "Uhh...wha...hmph!"

After what seemed like an e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y, she called back and starts in. "So, do you remember what you told me?" I didn't, and she went on to explain that when I was vacuuming at her house once, I told her that she needed to make sure and use just the hose to go around the baseboards to suck up all of the stuff that you can't pick up by using the power nozzle. Evidently I did this for her and showed her how much of a difference it makes. She has obviously been forever impacted.

Eventually it was time to find out what she needed to say to me. "First of all let me say that I really like how you have your house decorated, you've done a great job and it always looks so nice." I'm now bracing myself for whatever is coming next. "You know your shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom?" she says. "Yea," I say, "you mean the one that the water hits or the one that is supposed to look decorative but no longer does?" She continues, "The no longer decorative one. You have had that for a long time! Seriously Jacki! I can't believe you haven't replaced it already. I mean, I'm sure it was very nice when you first put it up, but don't you think it's time for a change?" 

I could not deny she had a very valid point. We had considered updating the bathroom before, but we knew it meant not just the shower curtain, but taking down the wall paper, painting, and probably even redoing the floor. Since the kitchen and bathroom share the same linoleum, I had just dismissed the thought since redoing the kitchen floor is such a huge job.  I started considering my sisters suggestion ( if you can call it a suggestion) and counted back. Way back!! It had been almost 22 YEARS since we first hung that shower curtain!!! My husband and I decided that we were ready for a change and we would take on the task. We realized that it would be fine to just redo the bathroom floor and save the kitchen for another time. 

This all happened at the same time that I was starting my new online quilt shop. How convenient!! What a great place for me to shop for a new shower curtain!! I quickly found the color scheme I wanted to use and we started in. This is the Kettle Grove patchwork shower curtain. It is mostly blacks and creams with a combination of plaids and vintage looking fabrics. Our home was built in 1890. I love the primitive decorating style and over the years we have collected a few antiques to help coordinate everything. The medicine cabinet was given to us when my grandparents moved out of their older home and into a smaller place.

We love the new look we have in our bathroom! It was very worth the time and energy it took to make the change!

In one of my summer garage sale outings I had picked up this old wooden box. I gave it a makeover too. I love old mason jars and wanted to display some. It worked as a perfect way to keep a few bathroom necessities easy to find.



So, have you been able to remember when you first hung your shower curtain? Is it time to let go of that old thing? Or, maybe for you...it's time to give YOUR sister a call. I'm sure glad mine called me!

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