4 Ways to Get Your Mantle Ready for Fall

 4 Ways to Get Your Mantle Ready for Fall

Fall is arguably the most romantic season of the year. The seasonal canvas is beautiful with the air just a little crisper and the leaves changing color. There’s no need to be outside to get into the fall spirit. Why not decorate your mantle to bring the seasonal beauty indoors?

There are plenty of ideas outside of the realm of just putting out some pumpkin candles. Decorating for fall can be easy and not require a lot of money and materials to put together a great seasonal decoration. To get you to a good start, take a look at some of these ideas!

  1. Primitive Picks: If your mantle is anything like at our house, you have
    photo frames strategically placed so that everyone can see your cherished family memories. Of course, even if you’re decorating for the season, you don’t want to take these photos down. The solution – decorate around them. Primitive picks are not just for making wreaths anymore. Whether you’re going for a more sunflower fall theme or harvest berries, picks provide the simplest idea for fall decoration.  Simply just place them poking out from behind photo frames or any other figurines that you may have on your mantle. This will give your mantle that subtle hint of fall.
  2. Garland: Garland is very easy to add to your current décor to add an instant touch of fall. Our lighted burgundy pip berry garland not only brings in the colors of fall, but the addition of lights adds the ambience of a cozy fall day. Place the garland on the mantle and add a few mini pumpkins or gourds in the midst of the garland placement to make a subtle, but effective fall mantle.
  3. Candles: Nothing sets the seasonal tone like candles. Candle options are endless nowadays. From pumpkin candles to the softness of vanilla, candles can provide the coziness of a fall evening. Candles can be displayed on candlesticks of various heights, in hurricane glasses and even mason jars. If you want a seasonal glow without a fire, use a battery-operated candle like one of our Grungy Battery Timer Pillar Candle with a primitive candle ring. Accent the candles with faux acorns, berries and leaves to complete the look.
  4. Primitive Centerpieces: Centerpieces aren’t just for the table anymore. Centerpieces can add that touch of fall to your mantle, adding focal points and dimension. If you’re wanting a single central focal point, you can use a simple wooden box filled with a pillar candle accented with berries and ribbon like our Flat Burgundy Wood Box with a 3 1/2” Pillar Candle, surrounded by fall foliage garland. If you’re looking for more focal points to add interest and depth to your mantle, try arranging 3 or 4 tall centerpieces. Try adding 1 Black Wood Box with Berries and Lights and arranging a couple of smaller centerpieces like our Harvest Everlasting Pillar Centerpiece around it.

 When decorating your mantle, always remember to keep a visual balance of your decorations and accents.

Having a fireplace and mantle in your home gives you the perfect opportunity to decorate for the seasons. We hope you take advantage of the fall colors and textures and use these 4 fall decorating tips to give your home the cozy feel of the season.