Country-Style Camper Bedroom Ideas for Cozy RV Living

Looking for camper bedroom ideas?

Picture this.

After a long day of bike riding, hikes in the woods, campfire cooking, and siting on the beach, you long for some relaxation. You open the door to your camper, and there lies exactly what you need. The perfect country-style camper bedroom retreat.

Make your home away from home a welcoming space with these camper bedroom ideas. 

No country-style camper is complete without quilts or woven coverlets that bring rustic charm to any space.

Add layers of comfort with throw pillows in plaids or vintage prints, paired perfectly with warm blankets draped over your RV beds.

And, it's not just about the looks; we'll also cover practical organization tips to maximize RV bedroom space without sacrificing style.

When we would go camping with our four young children, organization was a must! And even in the chaos of camping with our energetic family, I still liked to have some sort of sense of welcome in our space for the weekend.

My daughter and her husband bought a 1968 vintage camper a few years back to enjoy with their now family of five. It has all the typical features of that era such as orange cushions and stove! 


vintage camper

Pictured here is my daughter's vintage camper.

We decided to show have an experience of our own with a country-style makeover, and show you a few fabulous country camper bedroom ideas of our own.

So, get excited!

We've got adorable country camper interior ideas that will help you look forward to each camping adventure you take.

Now let's get ready to dream a little and find great camper bedroom ideas for your comfy abode.

Camper Bedroom Ideas:

Choosing Your Camper Bedding

Your camper bedroom should feel like home.

Especially if you love to camp a lot.

Even more if you are into full time RV living.

It's where you get to rest after an adventurous day exploring the great outdoors.

The first step in any RV bedroom makeover is choosing comfortable and stylish bedding that complements your country theme.

A comfy bed is not just about slumbering well. It's also about creating an inviting space that brings you joy and makes you feel ready to relax.

A few logistics about finding RV bedding will help provide ultimate comfort while complimenting your theme.

  • If space permits, consider using a queen 'short' mattress with matching queen short fitted sheets for ultimate comfort.
  • In smaller spaces like travel trailers, opt for narrow twin bunk mattresses to maximize room functionality without sacrificing coziness.

We had so much fun styling the bedrooms spaces in my daughter's vintage camper!

We were wondering how the orange cushions and accents would work with our country makeover. It's amazing how much a a few quilts, throws, pillows, decor pieces, and a rug can completely transform a space. 

Take a look at this before shot.

orange interior vintage camper

If you are looking for camper bedroom ideas with a country-style, you are absolutely in the right place. 

I can't wait to show you some adorable yet simple RV bed ideas!

As I was going through our products, I was immediately drawn towards the Dakota Star quilt. I knew this quilt would shine in that space.

Look how beautiful the contrasting black and tan look in the traditional eight-point quilted star pattern?

Dakota Star Quilt

Shown here is the Dakota star quilt paired with coordinating standard pillow shams and black check prim blessings pillow with the Sturbridge black rectangle rug beside, and the Sturbridge black unlined tier curtains.

As I continued to look for quilts that were a perfect fit for our camper bedroom ideas, I also couldn't help but grab the Rory quilt. The natural colors and earth tones in patchwork block looked so cozy in the camper bedroom.

The tobacco cloth curtains were the perfect neutral pairing for this space to let in natural light but also provide privacy at night.

Rory quilt

We offer so many more country quilted options at Primitive Star Quilt Shop that will inspire camper beddroom ideas. From cozy quilts adorned with primitive stars to woven coverlets with classic neutral patterns. 

After you have found the right quilts for your sleeping space, you can move on to fun yet simple RV decorating ideas.

Add Warmth with Country Throw Blankets and Rugs

A country-style bedroom is incomplete without warm, cozy throw blankets and rugs.

Their vibrant colors and intricate patterns add to the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Especially if the floor of your camper isn't all that attractive.

My daughter's camper has extremely dated camper carpet with squares of brown, tan, and orange. When we were decorating it was amazing to see how natural the rugs looked in the space while adding a fresh new style. 

This is one of several great RV bedroom makeover ideas that don't involve a lot of time and money to replace flooring. And you still get to achieve your country look.

We used this natural and creme rectangle braided rug and it looked great! It is 100% jute and also comes with a pad.

natural and creme rectangle braided rugShown here is the natural and creme rectangle braided rug.

Primitive Star Quilt Shop offers so many beautiful rugs

Woven coverlets and throws are another way to add the maximum amount of style for minimum effort. And they are so practical too! 

Having extra blankets around is essential for chilly nights.

These beautiful pieces, when draped over an empty bunk bed or spread on the floor, create an inviting atmosphere perfect for full-time RV living.

Nantucket navy woven coverlet

Shown here is the Nantucket navy woven coverlet, paired with the Old Glory woven throw, patriotic patch flag hooked pillow, and Nantucket cranberry and tan woven pillow.

Many campers utilize their space with couches that pull out into beds as a lounging spot. I love the combination of the navy woven coverlet, Old Glory woven throw and throw pillows for a red, white, and blue theme. 

It makes the space so inviting! 

When we were raising our family we only had a pop-up camper. I would've loved to have this cozy space to enjoy for a weekend! I can just picture myself sitting there with a book and some iced tea after a long day. 

We've shared how throws and rugs can make a space inviting. Organization is also key for making a space welcoming and functional.

Decorate Your Bedroom, Country-Style

When it comes to adding charm and personality to your travel trailer, nothing beats the rustic allure of country-style decorations.

Let me tell you about some of my favorite ideas to dress up your country camper bedroom.

Organize in Style with Country Containers

Just like our homes, campers can get cluttered.

We'll give you some practical organization hacks for your RV bedroom ideas that maximize space without compromising style.

Incorporating country containers as decorative items and practical storage solutions in your travel trailer, brings style and functionality together.

This clever use of space ensures you have everything you need at arm's reach while keeping clutter out of sight.

Even as we were decorating my daughter's camper, we had to collect a few essential kid camping treasures like her four-year old boy's bug catcher and monster truck, as well as their sidewalk chalk and baby doll. If you have children or grandchildren that camp with you, you can use stylish containers to store their favorite camp toys, too.

Don't forget about practicality. 

Buy light-weight storage containers such as country-themed wire baskets. A perfect example of the organization hacks RV bedroom ideas need!

grandmaFeatured here is the grandma's accent light, black wire basket, oval olive bucket, Nantucket cranberry and tan woven pillow, old glory woven throw, and navy USA star ornament.

Does your RV or camper have a closet?

You can even keep your bedroom RV closet organized by taking a few wire storage baskets and filling them with spare sheets, bath towels, or camping basics like flashlights, mosquito spray, wet wipes, and lighters.

wire storage basketPictured here is the wire storage basket on the Rory quilt, next to the Sawyer Mill charcoal tractor pillow.

From storing bedroom essentials to tucking away books, toys, or magazines, these versatile containers are great RV bedroom organization ideas. Remember - it's all about creating a balance between aesthetics and utility when decorating your camper. 

Brighten Up Your Space with Fun Country Accessories

Pops of color and country delight.

These little touches can take your camper ideas up to a new level.

Treat your camper interior to fun farmhouse decorations like pip berry wreaths, barn stars, signs, samplers, and more.

Even though you are living in the great outdoors for the week, consider bringing greenery inside through garland or wreaths of various colors and sizes.

The bog pimpernel garland would look fabulous along a bedroom shelf or woven through a ladder.

bog pimpernel garland 6Shown here is the six-foot bog pimpernel garland.

Bring along a mason jar or favorite vase to place this foggy morn bundle of faux flowers that include cool-toned eucalyptus, mixed leaves, ferns, and sprays of berries.

foggy morn bundle

This is the foggy morn bundle.

Even smaller opportunities for color such as candle rings make a difference. The gold pip candle ring with stars is a cheerful choice. It's dresses up the grungy battery timer pillar candle so nicely.

grungy battery timer pillar candle - mustard 4 1/2 inch

This is the 4'' gold pip candle ring with stars and the grungy battery timer pillar candle 4 1/2 inches.

These fun RV bedding accessories go beyond simple RV decorating ideas by infusing character into every corner of your space. The same pips or greenery that you have in home can shine bright in your RV too! Now let's talk about your walls.

Make Use of Wall Spaces in an RV Bedroom

Chances are, your RV bedroom gives you less space than your bedroom at home.

The key is making the most out of every inch available - even your walls. Simple RV decorating ideas involve using wall space effectively. 

By installing simple hooks or shelves on empty spaces, you not only add storage containers for practical items like sunscreen, books, and more, but you can also create visual interest with country decor. 

If you install rustic wooden shelves, that space could be used to display the charming farmhouse decor that we just talked about such as pip berry garland or this set of family wood blocks. All the while, you can keep your favorite book, glasses, or other necessities within reach.

For the available wall space that you do have, consider simple country like barn stars, signs and samplers.  

This rustic barn star adds charm and character. 

barn star 12-inch

This is the 12-inch barn star in rustic brown.

Another option is primitive samplers or signs. 

This particular primitive sampler makes me think of my grand-daughters. They love to explore the outdoors with rocks, and shells, and flowers, and twigs. And camping brings them a whole new landscape to explore.

primitive sampler little girlPictured here is the primitive sampler - little girl.

Think outside the box when you look at your camper wall all options.

A narrow twin bunk mattress might seem limiting at first glance but think vertically.

The vertical space above an empty bunk bed that’s been fitted with a woven coverlet could become home to lightweight curtain rods showcasing beautiful primitive country quilts. These double as visually appealing decorations during the day and warm covers during chilly nights.

Looking for more ways to display quilts in your camper or home? Check out our blog ''22 Ways to Display Quilts in Your Primitive Country Home''.

With some creative thinking and the right accessories, it's easy to find great camper bedroom ideas for your travel trailer walls that will serve your needs.

Incorporating Soft Furnishings

Finding RV bedding isn’t just about mattresses – it extends to pillows too!

Country throw pillows in various patterns bring color into your room while providing extra comfort. 

This Primitive Star fabric pillow features one of our signature primitive stars. I just love the vintage floral/vine print in creme and black.

Primitive Star fabric pillow

Shown here is the Primitive Star fabric pillow 16-inch.

Don't forget about decorative pillows too. Small pillows can look so cute on shelves or counters, too.

Remember: full time RV living doesn't mean compromising style over function; instead embrace this unique lifestyle by incorporating these fun RV bedding accessories into your design plan. Good lighting also plays a crucial role in creating a warm ambiance.

Lighting Up Your Camper Bedroom

The right lighting can transform your camper bedroom into a cozy retreat.

No matter how small or large, every space benefits from good illumination to set the mood and ambiance.

And a strategically lit camper bedroom can instantly transform your RV into a cozy, inviting space. 

Expand your camper bedroom ideas into the various options for lights.

Give a Soft Glow with Nightlights

You don't need to rely solely on overhead lights.

Nightlights, with their soft glow, are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere without being too harsh or bright. They are a simple yet effective way to enhance the ambiance of your RV. 

They are great for both functionality and aesthetics. 

Thinking practically, it is helpful if you need to find your way to the bathroom during the night.

Make sure this star milk pitcher nightlight finds it's way to your camper bedroom ideas. Such a fun way to add a country glow to your space.

star milk pitcher nightlight

Shown here is the star milk pitcher nightlight.

Whether they’re casting soft shadows on your carefully arranged shelf or lighting up pictures adorning your RV bedroom walls pictured through family photos framed in rustic wood – they’ll certainly add charm!

Hang Fairy Lights Around Curtain Rods

There is something magical about camping.

Creative lighting such as fairy lights add to the magic. You can wrap fairy lights around curtain rods for an extra glow. They're easy to install and provide an enchanting aura that complements country-style decor perfectly.

Always opt for LED bulbs as they consume less power - crucial when you're out camping.

Lighted garland is an elevated choice for your classic country bedroom, adding an extra touch to your camper interior ideas that shine. 

willow twig lighted garlandShown here is the willow twig lighted garland.

We also have various other garland options including lighted pip berry garland that perfectly pairs country-colored pips with a magical glow.

The lighted pumpkin and spice pip berry and star garland is sure to inspire your fall camping dreams.

lighted pumpkin spice pip berry and star garland

Pictured here is the lighted pumpkin spice pip berry and star garland, 40''.

Create Aesthetic Appeal With String Lights

If you're looking for something with more decorative options, consider string lights. They can come in various shapes and sizes to fit your space. And they add an enchanting glow that complements country-style decor perfectly.

My daughter and her family bought some star-shaped lights to hang in their camper, and the kids loved to see the twinkling stars.

Remember, when it comes to lighting up your camper interior, it's about creating a warm atmosphere where memories are made. Now that we've lit up our camper bedrooms let's move onto other areas where style meets functionality: curtains and window treatments.

Don't Leave Out Your Country Curtains

The windows in your camper are important for letting in the light.

But in the evening, we all appreciate a little bit of privacy, especially if surrounded by other camper neighbors.

Selecting curtains that bring in your country-style is an incredible way to take your home away from home and step it up a notch. 

The natural fringed tobacco cloth tier curtains blended seamlessly with our RV makeover decor. This was an obvious choice for our camper bedroom ideas.

natural fringed tobacco cloth tier curtains

Shown here are the natural fringed tobacco cloth tier curtains, Rory quilt, Sawyer Mill charcoal tractor pillow, and wire storage basket

For a more contrasting classic country statement, consider the Sturbridge black unlined tier curtains. They look great against the light wood of the camper walls. 

Sturbridge black unlined tier curtainDisplayed here are the Sturbridge black unlined tier curatins, alongside the Dakota Star quilt and Dakota Star quilted standard sham.

Check out more dreamy curtain options for your RV walls at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. We work hard to offer the best. You'll be sure to find more than a few that you'd love to add to your camper bedroom ideas. 

Use Lightweight Curtain Rods

Don't have any curtains in your camper because you don't have curtain rods?

Here's one of those organization hacks RV bedroom ideas often overlook: lightweight curtain rods. They are easy to install and ideal.

Hanging lightweight curtain rods allow you the opportunity to showcase your beautiful curtains and complement rest of the décor beautifully. So as you consider camper bedroom ideas, don't neglect to choose curtains that are right for your space.

Remember, whether full-time RV living or just occasional camping trips, making your camper feel like home should be enjoyable. Take these tips and camper bedroom ideas into consideration when planning out your next big adventure.

With this many great RV bedroom makeover ideas, you may just forget that that you are in the woods!

FAQs in Relation to Camper Bedroom Ideas

What are some creative ways to decorate a camper bedroom?

Incorporate country-style elements like quilts, woven coverlets, throw pillows. Add farmhouse decorations such as pip berry wreaths and barn stars. Use personalized signs or samplers for an authentic touch.

How can I maximize storage space in my camper bedroom?

Use lightweight storage containers or zip lock bags for closet organization. Country containers can also serve as decorative and practical desk organizers.

What types of materials work best for camper bedroom decorations?

Lightweight materials that withstand travel conditions work best. Consider using fabrics like cotton for bedding and wood or metal for decor pieces.

Are there any tips on creating a cozy atmosphere in the camp room?

Add warmth with charming curtains, nightlights, rugs, and fun RV bedding accessories like bright comforters or themed throw pillows.

What colors should I use when decorating my camping room?

Natural tones with pops of warm colors complement the country style well. Think browns, creams paired with reds or yellows.


Embracing country-style camper bedroom ideas can transform your RV into a cozy, inviting home on wheels.

You've discovered the charm of quilts, woven coverlets and throw pillows in setting the stage for comfort.

We've explored how to keep things organized with clever storage solutions and making use of wall space effectively.

Country-style decorations such as pip berry garland and barn stars have shown their power to add rustic charm to your mobile abode.

Throw blankets, rugs, and practical containers have proven themselves not just warm additions but aesthetic enhancers too.

And let's not forget lighting - nightlights or string lights can create that perfect cozy ambiance you crave after a day out exploring nature.

If you're ready to make these ideas come alive in your own camper bedroom, consider shopping at Primitive Star Quilt Shop. You'll find an array of primitive country quilts, curtains, rugs and other home decor products that will perfectly complement your new design plans!