Our 4 Exclusive Collections And How Each One Came To Be

At Primitive Star Quilt Shop you can find dozens of beautiful patchwork quilts, rugs, curtains and other primitive country home décor to warm your living space. 

You can also find unique bedding that can't be found anywhere else!

Custom Collection #1 - Cheston

An exclusive collection that only Primitive Star Quilt Shop could sell? 

We were so excited about this idea!

VHC first approached us about creating a custom collection in the fall of 2014. The idea was to consider bringing back a version of one of their retired collections and then be able to offer it exclusively to our customers. Right away, I thought of Cheston.

The Cheston collection had been one of my favorites from the very beginning. 

I discovered Cheston when we first started our quilt shop in 2010.  My friend Maura had instantly purchased the original Cheston collection. I just loved the way it looked in her bedroom.

It seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Mauras original Cheston quilt

Featured picture of Maura's original Cheston quilt. 

We loved the beautiful burgundy and crème colors and wanted to keep both vintage creme prints. One features a small floral print and the other mini stars. Those two fabrics combine so nicely with the ticking stripe, checks and plaids. 

We started brainstorming with the Product Development team about the best way to design and bring back our very own beautiful version of Cheston.

Instead of using the rooster, we added a 5 point primitive star to the fabric pillow and the corners of our throw. We used the ticking stripe for the matching bed skirt, pillow cases, curtains and a throw pillow. We couldn’t wait to see our designs come to life!

Making Room For Cheston 

After determining our quilt design and selecting matching accessories, we waited with excited anticipation for our custom quilt line to be manufactured and then delivered to us.

In the meantime, we had a lot of preparation to do to be ready for the big delivery day. 

Primitive Star Quilt Shop was run out of our home at the time, so we needed to create some storage options before our beloved custom Cheston collection arrived. 

This is where my creativity comes in. I love to make things out of nothing. My daughters joke that I was a DIY expert long before it became popular.

Cheston DIY storage shelves  
Our DIY Cheston corner storage unit.

I drew up some plans for the shelving that we could build in our shipping room. After a trip to the local ReStore, we had what we needed to get started. My husband is the perfect teammate for my creative projects. His combined patience and assistance helps make my ideas come to life. 

We used old doors for shelving and the side supports. 

Actually, you can read all the details about this storage shelves project HERE.

Cheston Delivery Day

Cheston pallets in front of our home

The truck unloaded 5 pallets in front of our house!

Finally - delivery day! This picture speaks a thousand words. Can you imagine our excitement?

Since that day in 2015, Cheston has grown to be our best-selling quilt collection. After a few years we made the decision to further expand the Cheston line. We added additional pieces to offer you even more custom decorating options. 

We included an entire curtain line made from the burgundy plaid. This gives customers the option for a darker option and the lighter ticking stripe option. It’s perfect for folks who like to change curtains with the seasons without having to change their quilt. 

Read Can Our Custom Cheston Collection Get Any Better? - Glad You Asked to see what all we added. You might decide you could use Cheston in your home. 

Below you can see a picture of how one of our customers named Monica displays the Cheston quilt collection in her lovely home

Monicas bedroom with Cheston quilt and curtains

Cheston bedding and curtains help create a warm cozy bedroom.

Custom Collection #2 – Primitive Star

In January of 2017 we were contacted again to consider another custom collection. We thought the timing was right and started making plans. 

Since we loved the fabrics in the Kettle Grove collection, we definitely wanted to use those same fabrics. We began the design process with VHC Product Development to create a collection featuring the 5-point uneven primitive star –the same one that we have built into our logo. VHC offered us several options and we settled on our favorite.

Since it naturally mirrored our brand, we decided to name it the Primitive Star Collection.

The Primitive Star Collection features vintage prints and plaids similar to Cheston, but in black, grey and crème. The collection includes shams, throw pillows, a bed skirt, a shower curtain, and window curtains. Our Primitive Star shower curtain has grown to be one of our most popular shower curtains. 


Primitive Star Shower Curtain


Primitive Star shower curtain.

We added a second version of the Primitive Star shower curtain. It features black plaid fabric as the main color with lighter prints and stripes used in the borders. 


Primitive Star black plaid shower curtain


Primitive Star black plaid shower curtain.

One of our customers, Shelly, created a plank wall and sent us a picture of how incredible it looks with her Primitive Star quilt collection!

Shellys primitive star quilt and curtains

Primitive Star quilted bedding and curtains in Shelly's bedroom.

It's super fun that this coordinates with items from the Kettle Grove Collection, too.

That means you could choose Kettle Grove curtains with Primitive Star bedding or add some of the Kettle Grove fabric euros to Primitive Star quilt. The bed skirts can be interchanged too.

You can choose if you like a lighter stripe found in Primitive Star or if you prefer the darker plaid found with Kettle Grove. You get the idea. There are lots of possibilities!

This beautiful bedding and some accessories were also featured in Country Sampler Magazine. 

Primitive star in country sampler
Primitive Star bedding featured in Country Sampler Magazine.
Primitive Star curtains, throw and pillow
More Primitive Star collection in Country Sampler Magazine.

Custom Collection #3 - Maisie Patch

In February of 2018, we once again had the delight to go back to the drawing board with the VHC Product Development team. They skillfully presented many CAD’s for us, and we carefully narrowed it down.

Burgundy, black and tan are very popular colors for our primitive country loving customers. Therefore, we knew we wanted to focus on color combinations. We fell in love with the patterns and colors in the Maisie collection that VHC had recently launched. We decided to use those fabrics and create a quilt that followed after our Cheston pattern with large patchwork blocks. 

The results were striking!

We started pre-selling as soon as we had the photography in our hands. The response and feedback from all of you was remarkable - everyone was so excited to have this new custom collection in their own home. As soon as our samples arrived, my husband and I also decided to try it out in our bedroom.


Maisie Patch bedding


Maisie Patch quilt bundle with Kettle Grove euro shams and Maisie pillow.

We were already using the Kettle Grove plaid curtains and bed skirt in our room. So, it worked great to add the Maisie Patch quilt and shams. It all matched perfectly. 

We loved it!

Options When Using Maisie Patch

The Maisie Patch collection is so versatile. It matches pieces from several collections.

    1. Kettle Grove curtains, bed skirt, pillow cases and fabric euro shams.
    2. Maisie quilted pillow.
    3. Maisie bed skirt, curtains  and pillow cases.
    4. Dakota Star pillow cases.
    5. Black Check curtains, pillows and pillow cases.
    6. Black Star curtains and pillow cases.
    7. Burgundy Check curtains, pillows and pillow cases.
    8. Burgundy Star curtains and pillow cases. 

    We have found our customers just love the variety of ways to accessorize their room when they purchase the Maisie Patch quilt bundle. 

    It’s easy to pull out black and you have the option of checks or plaid. 

    It’s also easy to include more burgundy if that works better with your room.

    Some customers prefer to accessorize with the more neutral color of the Maisie tea stained floral print for their curtains, bed skirt and pillow cases.

    Since this quilt bundle has been so popular, we added a quilted throw and a shower curtain to this collection. Both the throw and the shower curtain feature the 6-point star made out of the black plaid fabric.

    Maisie Patch shower curtain

    Maisie Patch shower curtain.

    Maisie Patch quilted throw

    Maisie Patch quilted throw.

    Custom Collection #4: Mill Stripe 

    Soon after creating the Maisie Patch bundle, we started work on another exclusive quilt option. In October 2019, we launched our Mill Stripe quilt bundles

    These fabrics have been tried and tested in the ever popular Sawyer Mill Charcoal collection. We wanted to use the same neutral plaids and stripe fabrics.  We were inspired with the stripe quilt pattern from the Beckham collection. 

    The Mill Stripe quilt has reverse seams. This adds a rustic touch and makes it so soft and cozy.  

     Mill Stripe bedding

    Mill Stripe quilt bundle with Sawyer Mill bed skirt and euro shams.

    Once again, the options for matching accessories to our Mill Stripe quilt bundles are practically endless. 

    It coordinates with so many pieces from the Sawyer Mill Charcoal collection, especially if you love farm animals. Not only does it pair with the shams, bed skirts and curtains, you can also choose from pigs, cows and chickens for coordinating accent pillows and throws. 

    Shop With Us

    In addition to the beautiful country style of our custom collections, they also share one more important feature.

    You can only get them from us here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop! 

    We are so thrilled that we can offer you these exclusive custom quilt collections in four different options. If you have any questions as you shop our bedding collections don’t hesitate to contact us. 

    We would love to help you find the perfect quilt, pillows and curtains to transform your bedroom into a space you can enjoy for many years.

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