Primitive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Cozy Living Room

Primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room can truly transform your space into a cozy autumn haven.

The thought of revamping the entire decor might seem daunting, right?

But here's the thing...

You don't need to be an interior designer or spend a fortune to bring that warm, rustic charm of fall into your home. All you need are some creative and primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room.

Fall is all about embracing nature’s palette - from vibrant reds and oranges to earthy browns.

A well-placed pumpkin here, a strategically hung garland there... it doesn’t take much!

Personally, I haven't traditionally used as many pumpkins or scarecrows as the typical fall decorator. However, I've found so many beautiful fall options for my home outside of that, too. 

No wonder so many people love this season! It's an opportunity for us to up the coziness in our dwellings (like we needed another reason).

Allow me to share all of these great primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room.

Let's start decorating!

primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room


Primitive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room:

Decorating With Natural Materials 

Pine cones, pumpkins, acorns, leaves, branches - autumn naturally gives us so many decorating tools.

We have simple and creative options to incorporate these primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room.

And don't worry, even if you don't think you have creativity or don't like crafts, there are easy ways to arrange these items - and have fun while you are doing it! You might even surprise yourself.

Embracing Natural Beauty of Pine Cones

Embrace the fall season by incorporating natural elements like pine cones and white pumpkins into your living room decor. 

These readily available materials are not only eye-catching but also lend an authentic touch of autumn to any space.

Pine cones, with their intricate patterns and rustic charm, can be used in a variety of ways. Arrange them in a basket for an effortless centerpiece or paint them gold, orange, or red for some added vibrancy. 

Pine cones offer endless opportunities when it comes to home decoration.

They are visually appealing -- and they are free!

Add your pinecones to any shelf. Antique spools and bobbins look wonderful with pinecones, pumpkins, garland, and other primitive fall decor for a diverese mix of textiles.

primitive fall mantleShown here is an arrangement with pinecones, dried rosehip garland, mini dusty orange chenille pumpkin stack, and rustic wood pumpkin sitter in black.

If you're feeling crafty, why not create pine cone garlands? They make unique wall hangings that will surely catch everyone's attention.

If brown isn't quite what you're looking for color-wise, fear not because spray painting allows customization options galore without losing that much-loved rustic feel we associate with pinecones.

On your next nature walk, remember to collect some pinecones for inspiring decor ideas. Keep your eyes out for other fall home decor ideas such as fall foliage.

Incorporating Fall Foliage in Your Decor

Autumn leaves with their vibrant hues are synonymous with fall and can be used creatively in your decor. 

A family outing collecting branches laden with colorful leaves not only makes for quality time but also provides you with material for authentic fall decor ideas.

You could arrange these branches artistically in country-style vases or baskets around your living room, giving it an immediate autumnal feel. 

Another idea would be creating leaf garlands that drape gracefully over windows or fireplace mantels; if real foliage isn't available, faux ones do just as well.

Consider making a wreath featuring brilliant autumn leaves. 

fall foliagePictured here is my granddaughter collecting leaves in the woods near her home.

My grandkids love going for hikes in the woods near their home. They are always looking for their favorite leaves in colors and shapes. Perfect opportunity for a fun family-made arrangement from fall foliage.

Placing Perfect Pumpkins in Decor

Pumpkins are another staple when it comes to seasonal decor ideas during fall harvest time. They add a festive touch and can blend seamlessly into any interior design scheme - all they need is some creativity on your part.

And pumpkins can come in all sorts to meet your primitive living room fall decor style. Stuffed stacks, traditionally carved, festively painted, rustic wood, or versitale white. 

Real or faux, they come in so many traditional and non-traditional colors. And some even incorporate primitive country and patterns.

Soften Your Space with Stuffed Pumpkins

Soft stuffed pumpkins are so easy to use and to store. And they come in so many different looks, which makes it fun to pick out. 

And unbelievably hard to stop finding new ones to love.

Check out this beautiful and versatile mini dusty orange chenille pumpkin stack. These stuffed pumpkins with a wooden stem are a perfect primitive fall addition to your living room.

mini dusty orange chenille pumpkin stackThis is the mini dusty orange chenille pumpkin stack

The hello fall pumpkin stack features brighter colors and fun patterns.

hello fall pumpkin stackFeatured here is the hello fall pumpkin stack.

Soft stuffed pumpkins are great. And perhaps you are up for creating and crafting too.

Craft Your Favorite Pumpkin Decor

Do you, your children or grandchildren love to paint?

If painting pumpkins sounds like fun, go ahead and choose colors that complement existing tones within your home - soft greens, blues or whites lend themselves beautifully towards achieving shabby chic aesthetics while deeper reds and oranges enhance more traditional settings perfectly.

For those who enjoy hands-on activities, making carved pumpkin designs might sound appealing; turn them into centerpieces displayed proudly on side tables or smaller versions serving as candle holders. 

If carving seems too messy, there are always decorative pieces readily available at local markets which serve equally well.

If crafts aren't your thing, but you want something different than the traditional pumpkin, consider wooden ones. 

Primitive Wood Pumpkins

Rustic wood fits right in with primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room. 

This skinny lath pumpkin could be a prime primitive option. The distressed wood comes in white or orange and is accented with a crow, twigs, and a raffia bow. It comes with a thin wire loop, ready to hang. Easy!

Displayed here is the skinny lath pumpkin with a crow in orange with the daisy teastain garland underneath.

These rustic wood pumpkin sitters also look fabulous stacked on the floor next to your year-round crocks and throws. Such an easy addition to spice up your decor with a splash of autumn. They come in orange, black, and white, and in various sizes. 

Shown here is the rustic wood pumpkin sitter - large orange, the rustic wood pumpkin sitter - small orange, and rustic wood pumpkin sitter - medium white. The Gettysburg black and tan coverlet and the Westberry black and tan woven coverlet are in the crocks.

So many great wooden choices that make decorating easy. Of course, classic white pumpkins are a great go-to choice as well.

The Versatility of Miniature White Pumpkins

Beyond traditional pumpkin displays lie miniature white pumpkins - versatile gems perfect for indoor decorating ideas. 

Line these up on windowsills or use them as place card holders during dinner parties this fall season.

You could even take it one step further by turning these miniatures into candle holders - creating cozy ambient lighting has never been easier.

So many wonderful pumpkin decor to choose from! Stuffed, carved, wooden, white.

Of course, if you can't decide, throw them all together like me.

primitive fall pumpkin shelf

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas for Fall

Do you have a fireplace?

If you do, this centerpiece of your living room can be transformed into a stunning fall decor display. 

From a seasonal wreath featuring brilliant autumn leaves to a creative centerpiece with grungy candle that adds warmth and charm.

Primitive Picks and Sprays

If your mantle is anything like ours, you have photo frames strategically placed so everyone can see your cherished family memories. Of course, even if you're decorating for the season, you don't want to take these photos down. The solution--decorate around them. 

Primitive picks are not just for making wreaths anymore. Whether you're going for a sunflower fall theme or harvest berries theme, picks provide the simplest ideas for fall decoration.

The pumpkin pod pick is another fun choice with the typical bright oranges of the season. Add extra color by displaying them in the farmer's market milk can.

Embrace the range of fall colors with the eucalyptus berry bush. Enjoy the green, red, and orange leaves alongside berries.

eucalyptus berry bushShown here is the eucalyptus berry bush in the Betty black pitcher, the Williamsburg candle holder with a grungy battery timer taper candle in ivory, and the Packsville Rose black woven table runner.

Picks can be easy to add to your current decor. Simply place them poking out from behind photo frames or any other figurines that you may have on your mantle. This will give your mantle that shade of autumn.

pumpkin pod pickShown here is the pumpkin pod pick and the Westbury black and tan woven table runner 32-inch.

All in all, picks and sprays are an easy way to add fall color and decor! Step it up a notch by adding a centerpiece.

Primitive Fall Centerpieces

Since your mantle is focal point, why not add a centerpiece?

This is a great idea to add dimension with your fall fireplace decor. You can use a simple wooden box filled with a pillar candle and accented with berries and ribbon.

Or pull together your favorite fall candle ring, candle, and other favorite ribbon or fabric to create a beautiful, customized center piece. Bring back those pinecones to accessorize. 

I love how the fall garden candle ring and the ivory flicker flame pillar candle look elevated on one of our small reclaimed wood risers. The pinecones add a nice touch of nature.

Candle centerpiece with pinecones on mantleShown here is the fall garden candle ring with a flicker flame battery timer pillar candle 6'' sitting on one of our reclaimed wood risers

If you'd like more focal points, try arranging three or four tall centerpieces on your mantle. Alternatively, choose a gorgeous big wreath to hang above yoru mantle.

Fall Wreaths for a Focal Point

What would draw your eyes to your fireplace decor better than a gorgeous fall wreath right above it!

Wreaths are an easy way to bring big color and cover a lot of space.

The Penny leaf rust wreath is a great way to bring a lot of color to your space above your fireplace.

Penny leaf rust wreathPictured here is the Penny leaf rust wreath.

Another option with cooler fall neutrals is our fall garden wreath, featuring creme allium spheres, bubble berries, and leaves.

fall garden wreathShown here is the fall garden wreath 22-inch and the wooden oval pillar sconce with a flicker flame battery timer pillar candle 6''.

So many beautiful wreath options are readily available. Or maybe you would love a craft project to make your own.

Crafting a Seasonal Wreath from Tamale Wrappers

Crafting an eye-catching seasonal wreath using tamale wrappers is one unique way you could consider when decorating your mantel this season. The earthy texture of these corn husks blends well with other natural elements like pine cones or fall foliage used in fall home decor.

You will need several tamale wrappers available at most grocery stores in the international food aisle. 

Soak them until they become pliable then arrange around a foam wreath form securing each piece with floral wire or hot glue gun. 

Note: This DIY project requires careful handling as it involves the use of sharp objects and heat sources.

The base complete, now comes embellishing. 

Add faux florals boasting rich autumn hues along dried berries sprigs woven through husks for depth and interest. This not only makes visually appealing but also allows personal touches while engaging in fun therapeutic craft activities during cool evenings.

Prim Plates to Please

Plates are a great way to add variety in texture to your fall mantle decor.

This trio of plates is a great way to add fall color to your mantle. And a great way to share simple messages, home values, or designs that are meaningful to you.

 The Gather, Bless, and Thankful plate set come in a set of three, eight inches in diameter, with colors of burgundy, orange, and tan.

gather, bless, and thankful plate setFeatured here is the Gather, Bless, and Thankful plate set.

Plates are an easy way to add variety and let your primitive style come through in the design. 

Fall Fireplace Decor - More Than Just Aesthetics

So why stop at crafting? Get creative by adding more elements such as hay bales near the hearth or white pumpkins atop the mantlepiece - simple yet effective ways to let nature inspire your home decor this fall season.

Don't let fear of the unknown impede your creative journey - take a chance and explore to find what works best for you.

Cozy Up Your Space with Rugs, Throws, and Quilts

Fall's chill calls for the warmth of cozy quilts and throws

These comforting items not only offer a snug feel but also enhance your living room decor.

The versatility of quilts is undeniable. 

They can be casually draped over sofas or spread on floors during family get-togethers by the fireplace. 

When selecting quilts for fall home decor ideas, opt for ones featuring autumnal hues like deep reds, rust or burnt orange, or rich browns to echo nature's palette this season.

Looking for more ideas on how to decorate with quilts? Check out our blog '22 Ways to Display Quilts in Your Primitive Country Home'.

Laying Down Comfort With Rugs

Rugs are more than just floor coverings; they define spaces while adding texture and color to any setting. 

For that primitive country theme look you're after this fall season, consider rugs in earthy tones such as terracotta, mustard, or moss green, which beautifully complement other elements in your space.

Braided rugs made from natural materials like wool or jute exude an inviting sense of warmth - perfect for those chilly evenings. Place them strategically so they don't obstruct foot traffic within your living area yet still make a style statement.

The Ginger Spice oval braided rug is a great option to pull classic primitive stars with a fall black crow. 

Ginger spice oval braided rug 27x48This is the ginger spice oval braided rug.

The Heritage Farms crow oval braided rug comes in tan, burgundy, and black and features a crow and classic primitive stars to add to your fall festive space.Heritage Farms crow oval braided rug 20x30Shown here is the Heritage Farms crow oval braided rug 20x30.

Don't neglect rugs as part of your primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room. Here are some more great ways to include texture and warmth with throws.

Add Layers Of Warmth And Style With Throws

Nothing screams 'cozy' louder than being wrapped up in soft throws and cocooned with pillows on cold nights. 

Throw pillows and throws serve dual purposes - providing extra cushioning when needed while doubling as decorative accents when neatly arranged on couches or armchairs.

Pick out throws showcasing plaid patterns along with burlap or cotton textures, creating visual interest against neutral-toned furniture pieces common in most primitive-style homes. 

Our Gettysburg collection is so gorgeous. And the pattern and colors lend perfectly to autumn's palette. This Gettysburg mustard and creme woven throw brings a beautiful harvest tone with the interest of an intricate pattern. 

Tip: if you love this pattern, we have a throw pillow to match and in cranberry and tan too!

Gettysburg mustard and creme woven throwShown here is the Gettysburg mustard and creme woven throw.

Or perhaps decorative pillows make the fall statement you want like this Ashmont gather pillow.

Ashmont gather pillowPictured here is the Ashmont gather pillow.

The Heritage Farms primitive crow pillow is a great autumn addition. It is an 18-inch filled pillow with burgundy, tan, black, and mustard. A great way to tie in all the fall colors while making a statement with a black crow. It pairs perfectly with the Heritage Farms quilted throw.

Heritage Farms primitive crow pillow 18 inchShown here is the Heritage Farms primitive crow pillow, 18-inch with the Heritage Farms quilted throw.

Throws and throw pillows are essential to include when making your list of primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room. 

Here at Primitive Star Quilt Shop, we have some great quilts, throws, and pillows worth exploring.

Light Up Your Living Room with Candles

Candles are more than just a source of light.

They're an essential part of your fall home decor, adding warmth and creating an inviting atmosphere in your living room. 

Nothing sets the seasonal tone quite like candles.

The soft glow from candles enhances the primitive country theme perfectly. It accentuates the rustic charm of wooden furniture pieces and emphasizes the rich textures of quilts and rugs.

And the options are endless nowadays! One of our fall favorites is the grungy battery timer pillar candle.

You can accent the candles with fun candle holders, candle rings, faux acorns, berries, or leaves to complete the look.

Battery Timer Candles for Simplicity & Safety

We love using battery timer candles of various shapes and colors. Pillars, taper, tea light, and more. These candles are a perfect primitive fall addition to your living room.

This grungy battery timer pillar candle featuring cinnamon coated wax comes in colors of ivory or mustard --both perfect for fall. 

grungy battery timer pillar candle mustard 4 inchShown here is the grungy battery timer pillar candle in mustard.

Consider adding taper candles for variety as well. The grungy battery timer taper candle in ivory is a versatile option that can be accessorized and used to fit each season. They came in sizes four-, six-, and nine-inch.

grungy battery timer taper candle ivory - 6 inchShown here is the grungy battery timer taper candle - ivory six inch.

If you opt to using real candles and flame, remember safety should always be paramount when dealing with fire indoors. Always position candles away from flammable materials and never leave them unattended.

Choosing Charming Candle Rings

I love all the candle rings that shine with fall harvest themes.

It's a simple way to really add a special touch or to string your theme together. 

Look at this beautiful wheat hops candle ring with a subtle fall foliage look. Check out the matching wheat hops bush to coordinate.

wheat hops candle ring 8Pictured here in the wheat hops candle ring 8-inch.

Pumpkin spice pip candle ring brings all the traditional elements of fall in one little spot. 

pumpkin spice candle ringShown here is the pumpkin spice candle ring, 4'' with a flicker flamer battery timer pillar candle, and reclaimed wood riser.

The country mix acorn candle ring combines pips, acorns, and leaves in various shades of autumn brown. This candle ring makes for a lovely compliment to any fall candle.

country mix acorn candle ringShown here is the country mix acorn candle ring, with the grungy battery timer pillar candle in mustard, and reclaimed wood riser.

So many eye-catching candle rings to inspire your primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room.

Picking Out Perfect Candle Holders

Finding candle holders that mesh well with your overall decor is key to maintaining a cohesive look throughout your space. 

Look for wrought iron candle holders to give a rustic look. 

Or look for primitive container options such as mason jars or vintage lanterns make excellent candle holders for this season.

Mason jars offer versatility like no other containers do. Fill them up with autumn-themed embellishments like acorns or small pine cones before placing a tea light inside, and these jars transform into beautiful fall accents. 

If you lean towards something traditional, consider using antique lanterns instead as they provide ample protection for open flames while enhancing the old-world charm.

The quart Mason jar butler lantern is a perfect combination of these elements. 

quart Mason jar butler laternThis is the quart Mason jar butler lantern.

The Williamsburg candle holder. Made of black painted metal, this classic holder is sure to make a statement. Check out all your taper candle options to go along.

Williamsburg candle holderShown here is the Williamsburg candle holder with a battery timer taper candle, 6'' mustard.

If you're looking for something simple, we also have a basic iron taper candle holder that can work in any arrangement.

So many fall decor ideas pair with candles! And you have such a variety of options to create the fall mood you want. Don't forget about weaving some garland around your candles too.

Adding Fall Colors with Garland

The shift from summer to fall introduces a rich palette of colors that you can easily incorporate into your living room decor. 

Garland is an easy way to enhance primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room.

Pip berries are a classic way to bring in primitive country theme, and fall colors lend perfectly.

If you have been loving our crafted ideas, an easy-to-assemble Indian corn garland is one way to do this, adding vibrant hues and texture.

Branching Out Fall Colors With Pip Berry Garland

Place the garland on the mantle and add a few mini pumpkins or gourds in the middle to make a simple yet effective fall mantle.

Our lighted pip berry garland combine the colors of fall with the charm of lights to make the perfect primitive ambience for a cozy fall day.

Embrace late summer to usher in fall with the teastain daisy and pip garland. This beautiful style includes creme pip berries, teastained creme daisies, and olive green leaves on brown wrapped wire twigs.  

Shown here is the teastain daisy garland and the cupboard pan taper candle holder.

Or go with a more traditional themed garland and add some lights. The lighted pumpkin spice pip berry and star garland is sure to please the season. And the lights are just the perfect touch to a cozy fireplace.

Shown here is the lighted pumpkin spice pip berry and star garland 40 inches.

Garland may be just the extra touch your mantle needs. Perhaps you want to take some time to craft your own.

Crafting an Indian Corn Garland: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making an Indian corn garland isn't as intimidating as it might sound - all you need are some dried ears of Indian corn (available at most craft stores during autumn), twine or string for hanging purposes, and a needle large enough to thread through the husks.

Start your easy-to-assemble indian corn garland beginning by threading your needle and having your stack of corn handy.

You'll start decorating by threading one end of your chosen string through each ear's topmost part until they're strung together securely in order. It's important these pieces stay firmly attached so none slip off once hung up.

This versatile decoration works well draped across the fireplace mantel, contrasting beautifully against rustic wood. But if you don't have a fireplace or prefer not using it for decorations, no worries. You can also hang the garland along stair railings or door frames - wherever feels right in your space.

Hanging Your Homemade Decor Safely

Safety should always be prioritized when handling any home decor project. When hanging your homemade piece starting at one end moving towards another side make sure its weight is evenly distributed throughout - heavy sections could potentially cause damage if left unchecked.

Avoid placing them near open flames such as candles without protective screens since dry plant materials like these are highly flammable, always remember safety first when working on DIY projects around the house especially ones involving natural materials like pine cones and white pumpkins.

Utilizing Primitive Country Curtains

Primitive country curtains can be a game-changer for your living room's vibe, particularly when you're aiming to capture the essence of fall. 

The right choice in colors that mimic autumn leaves - think deep reds, rust, and mustards - can instantly warm up your space.

Beyond color selection though, it's also about texture and pattern. Materials like burlap or linen lend themselves well to primitive decor because they evoke a rustic feel. 

As far as patterns go, simplicity is key - checks or stripes are charming without being overwhelming.

In thinking about fall curtains, I instantly thought of our Heritage Farms primitive check lined panel curtains. The patterns of burgundy, mustard and black can create a deep beautiful fall landscape in your living room.

Heritage Farms primitive check lined panel curtainsShown here are the Heritage Farms primitive check lined panel curtains 84-inch.

The Cedar Ridge scalloped lined prairie curtain is a lighter look that weaves browns, tans and greens together. The overall neutral look pairs wonderfully with your creative fall decor.

Cedar Ridge scalloped lined prairie curtains 63 inch.Featured here is the Cedar Ridge scalloped lined prairie curtains 63 inch.

Decorating your windows for fall can be just the extra crisp autumn change you need. A big yet simple way to set the stage for your primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room.

Planning Ahead With Transitional Window Box

A transitional window box takes planning ahead to another level while keeping style at its core. It involves using a window box within your curtain setup where you display various seasonal items throughout the year.

In this case for the fall season, start with faux florals replicating vibrant autumn foliage or miniature pumpkins; these add an instant festive touch. When winter rolls around, swap out those elements with pine cones and other wintry accessories without needing drastic changes each time.

When you're looking at primitive fall decorating ideas for your living room, curtains are a must. Remember harmony between all elements from curtains down to their tiebacks and rods, etc., ensures everything works together to create a cohesive look and feeling in the overall space.

FAQs in Relation to Primitive Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

How do you style a living room in the fall?

Style your living room for fall by incorporating warm colors, seasonal foliage, pumpkins, and gourds. Add cozy textiles like rugs, throws, quilts, and grungy candles can create an inviting atmosphere.

What are the fall decorating trends?

Fall decorating trends include natural materials such as pine cones and white pumpkins. Wall art featuring country scenes or sayings is also popular, along with primitive plates.

What are traditional fall decorations?

Traditional fall decorations often feature elements of nature like leaves, branches, corn husks, and pumpkins. Warm color palettes inspired by autumn foliage are common too.

How do I make my living room cozy in the fall?

To make your living room cozy for fall, consider adding soft lighting with battery timer candles or fairy lights. Use comfortable textiles like plush throw blankets or rustic quilts to add warmth.


The warmth of autumn leaves, rustic charm of pumpkins and gourds, it's all about embracing nature.

A well-decorated mantel becomes a stunning focal point with seasonal wreaths or candles with a decorative candle ring.

Walls featuring primitive curtains adds color and character while rugs, throws, and quilts contribute to the cozy feel.

Candles not only provide light but also create an inviting atmosphere in harmony with your decor theme.

An Indian corn garland or curtains reflecting autumn colors can brighten up any corner instantly!

And let's not forget natural materials like pine cones and white pumpkins that bring a touch of simplicity yet elegance to your home.

Ready to get started? Primitive Star Quilt Shop is here to help you achieve that perfect primitive country theme look this fall season. From our exquisite range of quilts, curtains, rugs, and other home decor products - we've got everything you need! 

So why wait? Let's embrace the spirit of Autumn together with fall decor ideas!