Primitive-Style Autumn-Inspired Decorating Ideas

Primitive-Style Autumn-Inspired Decorating Ideas

As summer fades away, the cooler months of Autumn greet homeowners with warm-colored leaves, the opportunity to wear sweatshirts, and visiting local pumpkin patches. My husband and I were able to spend time with the grandkids at an apple orchard and a pumpkin patch this fall.

Furthermore, it boosts the Fall spirit to life when we bake apple pies, spend time enjoying the leaves, and gather around a bonfire.

While enjoying all the outside appeals of fall, you can also get some primitive-style Autumn-inspired decorating ideas you can try in your home.

Understanding Primitive Decor

Primitive-style decor often represents practical items with an antique, handmade, or worn appearance that gives off feelings of nostalgia and history. Possibly an old chair or vintage kitchen utensils.

It often consists of plain, unrefined wood with exposed grain, twine, twigs, and darker earthy colors. It’s perfect for those with farmhouses or rustic-style homes who want a touch of texture and a lived-in feel.

I love it when you can hardly tell if a piece has been handed down through the generations or if it's something that is new and made to look old. I just walked around our shop and grabbed a few things. I created this collection below as an example.

There are some new wood items, repurposed wood, treenware bowls, and an antique piece from my grandparents. Notice the variety of natural wood and stained pieces? The broad color range can give a lot of depth to our home decor.

primitive wood decor

Featured treenware: samplin spoon, small and medium scoops, bowl. 
Featured wood: carved tray, petite bowl, family blocks, long bread bowl.
Featured repurposed wood: wood riser, sled.

Primitive-Inspired Autumn Decor Ideas

Primitive-inspired Autumn-themed decorations can make your home look festive for the season while staying true to your home’s aesthetic. Here are some ideas to capture the Fall feeling without taking away from your primitive style.

Primitive Mason Jars and Candles

Primitive-inspired decor can give off nostalgia and reflections of time’s long past. 100 years ago Mason jars would have been a staple in most homes. Used for canning then and now, they are very practical. 

Even if you don't can your own fruits and vegetables, including antique-looking mason jars in your decor themes can give your home the feeling of days gone by. We carry several different options from practical salt and pepper shakers to lighted quart jars. 

mason jar salt and pepperShown here are our Mason jar salt, pepper, and toothpick holders.

You can pair your mason jars with lighted garland, greenery picks, autumn leaves, and pine cones for a shelf, cabinet top, or great mantle display. I have some antique ones that I've collected on display in my kitchen. It's a fun place to store corn for popping and show off dried hydrangea from the garden. 

mason jar display

You can also incorporate primitive-inspired candles into your fall decorating. Our customers have been loving our battery-operated timer pillar and taper candles! We have some new moving flame varieties as well as our grungy candles in several sizes. 


Check out the article we wrote with even more ideas about how to decorate with timer candles for a safe, stylish home.

Autumn-Inspired Quilted Blankets

There’s something cozy about chunky, textured, colorful blankets. Adding primitive-style quilted blankets can give your home more visual appeal as temperatures cool down for the Autumn season.

Quilted blankets with tan, brown, black, and burgundy colors can remind you of Autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, and flannel sweaters. Adding a quilted blanket to a living room, bedroom, or any social space in the home can help give off feelings of comfort and serenity.

Not to mention the warmth they bring when snuggling on the couch!

fall quilted blankets in our shopHere is a picture I took of our fall shop display. So much autumn goodness!

Colorful Wreaths

Adding a wreath to your front door and hanging it on your living room wall can breathe life into a living space while giving off some great fall vibes. Incorporating wreaths with fall leaves, twigs, and colors for autumn can capture the seasonal feel. In the photo above we showcase the penny leaf wreath on the wall above our store bed display. 

It's. Perfect. For. Fall

Visit our wreath page to find something for your front door, kitchen, dining room table, or along your wall for the perfect touch of fall.

At Primitive Star Quilt Shop, we offer quality quilts, curtains, rugs, home decor, and more to give your home a cozy, comforting feel. Our primitive country store caters to those who want a touch of personality and texture without taking away softness and comfort. Ask about our primitive decor today.