12 Ways to Decorate with Quilts


A quilt is designed to be used and even treasured but not just on a bed. But, how many beds do you actually have in your home to show off quilts on? Or perhaps you’ve seen gorgeous country quilts that are too big for your bed, but you simply must have one?

So just how else can you enjoy beautiful quilts if not for your country bedding? Here are 12 ways you could start decorating with these amazing fabric heirlooms today.

12 Decorating Ideas

1. The most obvious decorating idea is to place quilted throws on a bed. You may also like to place matching country quilts on the wall or bed frame.

2. Take a special antique quilt and drape on an antique storage chest to create a meaningful showpiece. 
3. Do you have a chair and an ottoman as a focal point? Drape a country quilt on the ottoman, ready to grab on chilly days.

4. Do you have a favorite arm chair that you love to curl up in with a book? Drape cozy quilted throws over the back.

5. As for a rocker in a bedroom, make the seat more comfortable with the help of primitive quilts.

 6. No TV above the fireplace? That’s the perfect spot for making a striking statement with a quilt.  

7. If you have a sewing or crafts room with a dividing screen, drape two quilts over the screen as ornamental pieces but also to help control how much light filters through.

8. Use pretty country quilts as room dividers by hanging them over the back of a wardrobe or to block the view of a room.

9. If you have high ceilings, fill the space with warmth and talking points by using quilts.

10. Source an old-fashioned quilt shelf, or make one yourself, to drape a quilt or two over for show.

11. Sofas simply cry out for quilts or quilted throws. Fold them over and sling on the back ready for when you need a nap.

12. Smaller sofas and arm chairs look extra inviting with a small quilt draped over the arm.

Less Can Be More
You don’t need a major collection of quilts to decorate your home. As far as home décor goes, just a few quilts can have make massive impression. Even one striking quilt can relax a home and make it more inviting.

Things to Be Weary Off When Decorating With Quilts

When displaying your precious quilts, be careful with sunlight which can fade and rot fabrics pretty quickly. Instead, consider a shady area and even then, be weary of windows.

It’s also a good idea to refold and rotate quilts regularly and be sure to brush them carefully. Don’t wash them too often but when you do, use a low setting and harmless detergents.

Be just as careful when drying the quilts. If your pieces are antiques, place them in a high visibility area but out of the reach of too many hands. Avoid storing the quilts in plastic bags.

Ready to Buy a Quilt or Two?

Are you ready to decorate your home with a quilt? Have a look at the Primitive Star Quilt Shop’s collection of country quilts today.

Share your Thoughts with Us

Surely we have only scratched the surface on ways to create warmth in your home using quits. What's your favorite way to decorate with a quilt? Tell us in the comments below.

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