Bringing Country to your Home

Primitive Country Home Decor ·Aug 21, 2014


It’s often said that country living is a slower, more simple and pleasant way to live than the traditional urban way of life.  The peace, the quiet, the friendliness, the family atmosphere are all appealing aspects of the country lifestyle.  These are traditions and values most people would like for their children to grow up with.  It is more common in urban neighborhoods for neighbors to have passing interactions with each other.  Gone are the neighborhood pot lucks and barbecues, the daily conversations at the end of the driveway when you go out to get the morning paper.  What happened to the over the shrub chats and running to your neighbor when you run out of milk or sugar?  It seems those days are long gone.

But gone they're not. In neighborhoods and small towns scattered all over, families still enjoy that country lifestyle. And that feeling is celebrated in Primitive Star Quilt Shop's breathtaking collection of warm and authentically country items that bring the atmosphere of pure and alluring country to every room in your home.